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Discover the Spice of the Caribbean on a yacht charter to Grenada


Sitting majestically at the base of the Grenadines, Grenada is the perfect destination to explore the Caribbean.

Known affectionately as ‘the Spice Isle’, Grenada is famous for its production of mace and nutmeg, one of the staple ingredients in the island’s mouthwatering cuisine, and is home to one of the world’s most glorious beaches, Grand Anse.

As well as the beautiful beaches and amazing cuisine, there are an abundance of activities to experience when on a sailing holiday in Grenada, from its beautiful Grand Etang National Park to a tour of the Belmont Estate cocoa plantation.

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Ripe Trinitario cocoa bean pods after harvest in the rain forest of the Caribbean island of Grenada

Check out our fleet in Grenada to find out more about the yachts we have available to visit this beautiful island.

We caught up with our friend, Sharon Bernstein at the Grenada Tourism Authority to find out why she thinks that Grenada should be on everyone’s bucket list when choosing a yacht charter holiday to the Caribbean.

Why should people visit Grenada?

I have been travelling to Grenada for 18 years and in that time I’m delighted to say I’ve seen very little change in the warm welcome that visitors receive, and particularly British visitors.

While the island has added some lovely and adventurous activities, it remains a place where walking around and getting to know the people of the island is paramount to having a great visit.

What are the highlights?

Highlights depend on your individual preference of what to do on a holiday!  For me it’s a mix of the spice heritage and history, which introduces visitors to nutmeg, cinnamon and lots of other spices that make great gifts to take away. I’m also keen to explore the wonderful rainforest and on my next visit I’m looking forward to having a go at the Grenada Highwire!

“Of course, with many relatively empty white sandy beaches, everyone is spoilt for choice on the relaxation side too!”

Being both a foodie and a chocoholic, Grenada is my perfect destination! I have been lucky enough to experience the fantastic Chocolate Festival, that takes place annually in late May or early June. This is a revelation as visitors get to work with cocoa farmers in the fields, learn how to make healthy body products out of cocoa, and perhaps best of all, do chocolate tastings that include the island’s four main artisan chocolate makers!

What is a typical Grenadian recipe?

As this is a holiday blog, lets start with an iconic Grenadian rum punch! This recipe is one of many, and you can change the fruit juices to your personal taste. As this makes five and a half litres – it’s party perfect but if you are not having a party, just make less!

Grenada Rum Punch


3 cups fresh lime juice

3 cups fresh orange juice

3 cups pineapple juice

1 cup apple juice

6 ounces Angostura bitters

1 cup of nutmeg syrup (can be purchased in Grenada, but if you can’t wait you can buy it online or make it at home)

1.5 bottles dark rum from Grenada

Freshly grated nutmeg


Blend the juices; add the bitters and nutmeg syrup and stir well. If possible use a huge ice chunk in the middle of the bowl. Finish with some grated nutmeg on top of the ice.

And a favourite food?

If I’m not allowed to say chocolate, then it would absolutely have to be the fresh fish. There is a wonderful sushi bar called Carib Sushi in St George’s, and BB’s Crabback, also in St George’s where I’ve eaten some of the most delicious fish I’ve ever tasted.  

For a relaxing meal, one of the best is at the Beach Side Cabana at Mount Cinnamon.

For something fancier, I know that Rhodes at Calabash Hotel and Oliver’s at Spice Island Beach Resort will never let you down. 

What can people expect from the locals?

A friendly hello, and if lost the offer to assist. Venture out of St George’s and try one of the beachside rum shacks to meet Grenadians who still live off the land.  

If you are feeling adventurous and prepared for an activity join the locals at the weekly Saturday ‘hash’ run, with Grenada’s Hash House Harriers!  

How would you sum up Grenada in three words?

Relaxing, welcoming and exuberant.

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If, like us, you now have a taste for Grenada, why not take a look at our fleet of bareboat and by the cabin charters available, get a quick quote, or tell us your needs at [email protected] or talk to us on +44 2380 455527.

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