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Yacht Charter La Paz

If you’re looking for a sailing vacation offering total relaxation, plus the chance to see whales, swim with sea lions and explore over 900 islands, then look to La Paz.

What’s on this page


  • Abundant marine life
  • Dramatic scenery
  • Scenic villages

Yacht rental La Paz

La Paz

La Paz is located at the end of the Baja California Sur peninsula, separated from Mexico by the captivating Sea of Cortez, which is also known as the Gulf of California. The sea, which has legendary status among divers and sport fishers, is the ideal choice for an authentic, unspoiled sailing vacation.

You’ll find tranquil turquoise coves, pristine deserts and rugged mountain ranges on your La Paz yacht charter, as well as stunning remote anchorages across more than 100 miles of coastline.

Sail to Isla San Francisco, a popular anchorage in a crescent-shaped bay fringed with white sand beaches, red cliffs and crystal clear waters. This picture-perfect cove offers great hiking, snorkeling and fishing. 

You also have the chance to go whale or dolphin watching, getting close to these beautiful creatures. Or swim with sea lions in the natural aquarium of Isla Espiritu Santo. 

Our base for your sailing vacation is at the beautiful Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, where you’ll also find luxury resorts, golf courses, fine restaurants, museums, and restored colonial-era buildings. All of which make La Paz an unforgettable destination.

Choose charter type below to see available charters options


For experienced sailors, a bareboat charter is the perfect getaway..


Relax and leave all the sailing to a professional skipper.

Easy crewed

The simplest, hassle-free way to charter a crewed private yacht.

Fully crewed

Your own private yacht for an all-inclusive luxury sailing vacation.

Cabin cruise

Reserve a private ensuite stateroom on a modern catamaran.


Low package rates for island-hopping aboard a sailing yacht.


Get closer to nature on the perfect self-catering Caribbean holiday.

Power Catamaran

Cruise faster and see more on the perfect charter boat.

Things to do in La Paz

La Paz yacht charter sailing rocks and sea

Swim with sea lions

One of the top things to do in La Paz is to sail to stunning Espiritu Santo and join a licensed tour operator for the opportunity to snorkel and swim with curious and playful sea lions. While there, you’ll enjoy a stunning backdrop of rugged red rock islands, birds and marine life.

Hiking at Isla San Francisco

Hike the ridge that takes you to the top of the hills surrounding this picture-perfect crescent bay. Don’t forget your camera to capture the dramatic contrasts of sky, sea, sand and rock. 

Stroll the Malecon boardwalk

Be sure to visit the scenic Paseo Alvaro Obregon waterfront while sailing La Paz. Stroll through the Malecon boardwalk shops admiring the amazing statues along the way then,in the evening, enjoy a stunning sunset and sample local treats from the food vendors.

Snorkeling at Isla Espiritu Santo

Don’t miss exploring Cardenal and Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo, with high visibility underwater for snorkeling adventures. Enjoy a beachfront picnic here following your swim.

See the migrating whale sharks

The gentle giant whale sharks in La Paz are filter feeders and safe to swim with. This exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience is highly regulated to protect the animals, so you must book with a licensed local tour operator. It’s one of the best things to do in La Paz, so we recommend you don’t miss out.

Weather insights

La Paz cryslalline waters sailing vacation

When is the best time to go to La Paz?

The best time of year for sailing La Paz is mid-February to late June or mid-October to late December. 

In La Paz, the summers are long and hot, while the winters are short, comfortable, and dry. Temperatures in La Paz during summer reach an average of 90ºF in May and October, sometimes even reaching 100ºF. You’ll also enjoy fantastic sea temperatures of more than 80ºF.

It’s drier in the low season between December and February, which still has comfortable temperatures averaging 79ºF. Around 90% of La Paz’s rain falls between July and October. 

What are the sailing conditions in La Paz?

The sailing conditions include southerly winds averaging between 10 to 15 knots. Most of the Pacific basin tropical storms during the hurricane season typically pass south of La Paz and the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.

You’ll need to visit the harbormaster and leave a detailed trip plan before leaving the marina, including intended destination and crew and passenger information.

La Paz people enjoying vacations on skippered catamaran

Sailing La Paz with Dream Yacht Charter

La Paz yachts

Yacht rental La Paz, Mexico, means you can enjoy the best of the Sea of Cortez and sail its islands. Choose from our catamarans and monohulls. 

Skippered La Paz boat rentals

You don’t need sailing experience to enjoy a vacation sailing the Sea of Cortez. Hire a skipper with your yacht and they will sail you around the highlights of La Paz, while you relax.

La Paz skippered charter boat in beautiful sea

La Paz sailing itinerary

Take a look at our La Paz sailing vacation suggestions

La Paz 7 Days
Other Itineraries
7-day itinerary La Paz, Mexico

Day 1: Ensenada Grande

Head to Ensenada Grande, a popular anchorage with its turquoise waters, towering rocky cliffs and white sand beaches. Ashore you can hike, lounge on the beach or enjoy the waters and snorkel along the rocky shoreline.

Day 2: Los Islotes – El Bajito – San Evaristo

Located just off the northwest tip of Isla Partida, rocky islets known as Los Islotes is famous for being one of the few places you can swim with sea lions in a natural setting. Moor dinghies at the national park’s buoys on the northern and southern shores. Head to El Bajito for great diving with tropical fish or sail to nearby San Evaristo, a quaint fishing village, and spend the night in a well-protected anchorage.

Day 3: Isla San Francisco

Sail to Isla San Francisco, a popular anchorage in a crescent shaped bay fringed with white sand beaches, red rock cliffs and crystal clear waters. This picture-perfect cove offers sublime hiking, snorkeling, fishing and beaches. The large bay can accommodate plenty of boats and has a good holding ground.

Day 4: Amortajada

Make for Amortajada, on the southwestern tip of Isla San Jose. When you reach the anchorage, take your dinghy or kayak to explore the main lagoon by going through the mangroves. Take your binoculars to spot egrets and herons.

Day 5: Espiritu Santo – Bahia San Gabriel – Punta Prieta – Ensenada de la Dispensa

Set off for Isla Espiritu Santo and its most beautiful beach within the bay Bahia San Gabriel. Head to the rocky western shore of Punta Prieta and the southern point of Ensenada de la Dispensa for fantastic snorkeling.

Day 6: Puerto Balandra

Make for Puerto Balandra with its eight unspoiled white sand beaches and inland salt lagoon with the “El Hongo” rock formation, also known as the mushroom. In the shimmering blue water you’ll find an array of colorful fish and coral to delight swimmers and snorkelers.

Day 7: Sailing

Head back to base by 10am.

14-day itinerary La Paz, Mexico

Day 1: Espiritu Santo Island

Begin your charter with some breathtaking underwater scenery by snorkeling at the rocky western shore of Isla Espiritu Santo at Punta Prieta or the southern point at Ensenada de la Dispensa. Drop anchor at Caleta Partida or Ensenada Grande overnight and relax.

Day 2: Los Islotes – Isla Partida – El Bajito – San Evaristo

Swim with sea lions in a natural habitat by sailing to Los Islotes at the northwest tip of Isla Partida. You can moor your dinghy at the national park’s buoys on the island’s northern and southern shores. In the southwest, dive at El Bajito to be among tropical fish and then head to San Evaristo, a quaint fishing village, to overnight at a protected anchorage.

Day 3: Nopolo

Sail to Nopolo, anchor in the northern or southern lobes of Nopolo and use your dinghy to explore isolated fishing villages. You’ll be protected from northerly winds and free to explore this tranquil retreat.

Day 4: Puerto de Gato

Head to Puerto de Gato and while its anchorage is a bit limited, you’ll find stunning diving and snorkeling while surrounded by red rock formations and white sand beaches.

Day 5: Bahia Agua Verde – Puerto Escondido

Find cave paintings, ample anchorage and snorkeling at Bahia Agua Verde, which is a remote fishing village. Puerto Escondido is also nearby, where you can spend the night. Pick up fuel and water, and provisions are just a taxi ride away in Loreto.

Day 6: Del Carmen Island – Danzante Island – Bahia Agua Verde

Plan a visit to the southern point of Del Carmen Island and Danzante Island too. After a full day, sail back to Bahia Agua Verde for the night.

Day 7: San Cosme – Puerto Los Gatos

Eat a hearty breakfast and make your way to San Cosme Island to spend the day there. Cruise south and stay overnight at Puerto Los Gatos, which will protect you from the northwesterlies.

Day 8: Amortajada

Make your way to the anchorage at Amortajada, on the southwestern tip of Isla San Jose. Spot egrets and herons while kayaking through the mangroves to the main lagoon.

Day 9: Isla San Francisco

Find the picture-perfect cove of Isla San Francisco with white sand beaches with a backdrop of shimmering sea and red rock-lined shorelines. This popular anchorage boasts some of the best hiking, snorkeling, fishing, and beaches in the region. Although it’s popular the bay accommodates plenty of boats, and has a good holding ground.

Day 10: Ensenada Grande – Espiritu Santo island

After sunrise, sail to Ensenada Grande and enjoy swimming in its turquoise waters or stroll its white sand beaches. Explore its rocky shoreline underwater or hike ashore. On Isla Espiritu Santo, you’ll find a trail at the southern end of Bahia San Gabriel beach that links you to yet another white sand paradise.

Day 11: Cardenal – Candelero

Don’t miss exploring Cardenal and Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo with high visibility underwater for snorkeling adventures before returning for another night at Ensenada Grande.

Day 12: Puerto Ballena – Ballena Island – Gallo Island – Gallina Island

Cruise around Puerto Ballena, stopping at Ballena Island, Gallo Island, and Gallina Island, which all sit in well-protected turquoise waters.

Day 13: Puerto Balandra

With another white sand beach and shimmering blue water, Puerto Balandra is a wonderful playground for any snorkeler, hiker, or kayaker. It’s also home to the famous mushroom-shaped rock formation “El Hongo” and inland salt lagoon.

Day 14: Sailing

Head back to base.

Useful information for yacht charters in La Paz

La Paz fishing and enjoying yacht charter

Getting to La Paz from the US

The most convenient way to reach our base and start your sailing vacation is to fly into La Paz International Airport (LAP). AeroMexico has the most daily flights and there are several other domestic airlines via Los Angeles (LAX) or Mexico City.

La Paz Airport is a 30-minute taxi ride away. We can arrange airport transfers on request. 

You can also reach La Paz via Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), but the transfer takes between 2.5 and 3 hours, via a shuttle van or private taxi.

What language is spoken in La Paz?

The language spoken in La Paz is Spanish.

What is the currency in La Paz?

The currency in La Paz is the Mexican peso (MXN) but US dollars are accepted in the main tourist areas.

What are the customs restrictions for La Paz?

You can view customs information on the website.

What documents do I need to sail La Paz?

US citizens must have a passport and either a Forma Migratoria Multiple, temporary or permanent resident card or tourist visa. 

There are special documents requirements for dual Mexican/American citizens, particularly minors. We advise you to speak to the Mexican Consulate General’s office in Los Angeles, CA, or visit your nearest Mexican embassy or consulate. 

Mexican citizens will need a sailing license to sail in Mexico.

Talk to us to make sure you have the correct documents before you travel.

How do I get around La Paz?

You can easily hail a collectivo bus-style taxi with its destination displayed in the front window. If you’re taking a cab, be sure to negotiate the price before you get in. It’s a good idea to ask restaurants and bars to call you a cab home if you’re out late during your yacht charter in Mexico. 

You can also rent a car but make your reservation in advance using the company website to get the best price.

What is the Wi-Fi like in La Paz?

Our marina has free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi in La Paz is good, and most cities and towns have Wi-Fi hotspots at bars and restaurants. There’s no phone coverage in about 70% of our sailing area.

What regulations are there in La Paz?

Night sailing is forbidden. We will provide you with the required park permits to visit Espiritu Santo Island. Anyone fishing from a boat in Mexico will need a fishing license issued by the Mexican government. Fishing licenses can be ordered online.

Where can I find weather forecasts in La Paz?

You can find weather forecasts at the website, both before and during your La Paz boat rental.

What provisioning is there in La Paz?

There are plenty of choices for provisioning in La Paz, including the local Chedraui supermarket and Walmart. The base can also provide a provisioning service if you’d like your groceries to be ready for your arrival.

What baggage can I take on my Mexico sailing vacation?

Please take only soft bags and not suitcases as they are too cumbersome on board.

What is the electrical current in La Paz?

The land electrical current in La Paz is 110V.

What is the dialing code for La Paz?

The dialing code for La Paz is +52.

What is the cancellation policy for Sail Share?

We highly recommend you arrange travel insurance in case you need to cancel for an unexpected reason to cover non-refundable deposits.

Our Sail Share cabin cancellation fees are:

  • More than 90 days before original embarkation date: 25% of the charter fee
  • 89 – 60 days before original embarkation date: 50% of the charter fee
  • 59 – 30 days before original embarkation date: 75% of the charter fee
  • Fewer than 29 days before original embarkation date: 100% of the charter fee

How flexible is the itinerary for a Sail Share charter?

Our yacht itineraries are designed by our destination experts and are set to showcase the best of the destination’s highlights. They are set and not flexible, even if you book all the cabins.

What happens if the weather changes while sailing on a Sail Share charter?

The skipper may decide to change the itinerary if there is bad weather.

Can I choose which cabin I want when I book a Sail Share?

Choose a double cabin with shared bath, or private bath for an additional fee.

Are there child or age restrictions for Sail Share?

Minimum Age: 16 years old

Ever considered a Cabin Cruise?

As pioneers in the industry, Dream Yacht was one of the first to develop the Cabin Cruise concept. It’s an ideal choice for solo or couples travelers seeking relaxed adventure, exotic destinations, and unique local cultures in an intimate, social setting – in comfort at sea.

Our promise

Private accomodations

Comfortable and private standard double cabins with ensuite bathroom

Curated itineraries

Experience world-class destinations, local culture and excursions with our expertly curated itineraries


An affordable and intimate experience without the need to book an entire yacht or provide sailing qualifications

Vetted crew

Enjoy our professional crew with a strong local knowledge and friendly service

Full board meals

Enjoy fresh and delicious cuisine prepared and served daily

Choose your mood

Relax on deck socializing with fellow travelers, kayak or snorkel from your yacht, or enjoy exploring ashore

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Guadeloupe Skippered

Just returned from another fantastic sailing week at your base in Pula and I would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible on such short notice and without any problems.


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Tahiti Crewed Premium

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British Virgin Islands Bareboat

Baja is my favorite place now. There was something for everyone: sailed under northerlies with mostly calm evenings, snorkeled, fished, bummed it on the sandy beaches, enchanted by pelicans feeding, greeted by the barking sea lions and explored the Ispiritu Santo island geology. DYC La Paz base provided competent professional support with a well provisioned and maintained boat. We were nourished well by an onboard cook arranged with DYC freeing us all for more play. A vacation and an adventure connected with nature.


Mexico Crewed Premium

All staff were fantastic and made our trip very memorable. Incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food was amazing. The service throughout the trip was always first class!


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The on board experience was way beyond our expectations. Isabelle provided exceptional three course meals. We could not believe her creativity and delicious meals. Thomas was an excellent skipper. He was always on the lookout for our needs. Thanks guys!” Spira, New Caledonia bareboat with crew charter


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