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Skippered yacht charter

Ever seen people relaxing on a yacht and wished it could be you? Good news, it can be, with our skippered charters!

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Bareboat Skipper - Dream Yacht Charter
Skipper on a Dream Yacht Charter

Enjoy the freedom of sailing with our skipper charters for a vacation with a difference

You do not need to be able to sail to hire a yacht and it can also be affordable. If you can’t sail we can find you a professional skipper to do the sailing for you, leaving you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing, hassle-free vacation.

Read our guide to the best destinations for skippered charters.

A sailing vacation with a difference

Embrace the soothing vibes of a sailing vacation and hire a professional, friendly skipper to sail you, your family and friends. Choose where you stop for lunch, snorkel or anchor – you are in control of where you go.

We’re the world’s leading charter company, choose your dream yacht from our skippered charters fleet. Sailing vacations for up to 12 friends are available on our Sun Loft 47 monocat. Find out more.

Too many options to choose from? Contact our team.

Group of friends sailing in a skippered yacht charter

Choose a destination below to see available charters options

Everything you need to know

What is the difference between skippered and bareboat charters?

The difference between skippered charters and bareboat yacht charters is that a professional skipper sails the yacht for you rather than you sailing the boat yourself.

Skippered yacht charters are specifically designed for those who have no sailing experience. With a skippered charter, your professional skipper sails the yacht so you can just focus on relaxing, immersing yourself in your chosen destination and having fun with your guests.

Captain only charters are also popular with sailors who want to relax or expand their knowledge. Find out if you need a skipper for your sailing vacation with our guide to bareboat certification.

Happy Couple sailing in skippered yacht charter
Skippered yacht charter sailing in the sea

How much does a skippered charter cost?

Skippered charters are more affordable than you think, even if you don’t have sailing experience. Sailing with friends or family means you can split the cost of your yacht and skipper hire. There are several ways you can keep skippered charters low in terms of cost:

● Avoid high season
● Choose an older yacht
● Skip the air-conditioning
● Combine discounts
● Sail where marina fees are low

Take a look at our skippered charters special offers.

What does a skipper do on a skippered yacht charter?

Your skipper will have all the local knowledge to make your vacation truly special. They will take care of sailing, mooring, safety, weather forecasts and navigating your route while on a skippered charter.

Your skipper is responsible for:

● Sailing
● Navigation
● Weather forecast checks
● Mooring
● Anchoring
● Boat systems
● Crew safety

Skipper picking a rope up in a skippered yacht charter
Happy couple smailing onboard of a skippered yacht charter

Advantages of our skippered charters

  • Vetted skippers: Professional sailing experience
  • Vast knowledge: Get the insider view on local culture
  • Trusted recommendations: Passion for the local area
  • Safety focused: Looking after you and your guests
  • Weather forecasting: Maximizing your vacation

How do I start planning my skippered charter?

Here’s how to get started on planning your skippered charter:

  • Choose where you want to sail. Take a look at our wide choice of skippered yacht charter destinations
  • Choose your yacht. Decide if you want a catamaran, powercat or monohull from our skipper charter fleet
  • Set your budget. Adjust your yacht age, yacht size and time of year to suit what you want to spend. We would be happy to advise you on a choice to match your budget
  • Get a quote. We’ll send you a full quote and explain what is included and what isn’t included in your skipper charter quote.
  • We’ll find you a skipper. Our skippers are handpicked for their expertise and friendly, easy-going personality
  • Pay your deposit. Once we have your deposit, your booking is confirmed and you can start planning your itinerary

Read our guide on how to charter a yacht.

Friend enyoing vacations on board of skippered yacht charter

How to hire a skippered yacht

Hiring a yacht works in a similar way for skippered charters and bareboat rental. You need to take these steps to plan your skippered charter:

  • Choose your destination
  • Choose your yacht
  • We’ll find you a skipper

Learn more about how to charter a yacht, or contact us for help.

What is the difference between catamaran and monohulls?

If you’re new to sailing, you can hire catamarans, power catamarans or monohulls. We also have a monocat, the Sun Loft 47.

We’ve many types of boat in our yacht charter fleet by cutting-edge yacht manufacturers. We constantly add to our fleet so you can hire the latest models and try out high tech features.

Catamaran rental

Our catamaran charters give flexibility and spacious common areas in the interior. Catamarans have two hulls and sit on the water. Their shallow draft means you can get up close to sandy beaches. The two-hull design gives a smooth sailing experience and their design means there is often more space, which is great for those sailing with children. The large windows let in plenty of light and you can relax on the spacious front deck and sunbathe.

Monohull vacations

You will really feel like you are sailing with a monohull charter. Feel your adrenaline pulse as you sail close to the water.

A monohull has a single hull, which offers a smoother and comfortable sail as the boat pushes through the ocean. Adventure lovers will enjoy the dynamic sail. Monohulls can turn tightly and you can feel the lean! Some layouts mean you can walk around the bed, so cabins can feel more spacious. Mooring fees can be lower for monohulls too.

Pilot sailing a skippered yacht charter and island

New to sailing?

Recharge, relax, remember. Embrace the flexibility of a captain only charter and explore from the water.

Being near water has a powerful impact on our brains, helping you unwind, feel happier and even more creative. For good reason, sailing has been an activity enjoyed by some of our greatest geniuses and creatives, from Einstein to Google’s founders.

Choose your recharge destination from the widest choice in the world. Hop between exquisite islands, paddleboard mangrove creeks, swim remote coves and stroll deserted sandy beaches.

Sail the Caribbean in the British Virgin Islands, immerse yourself in a colorful underwater world in the Maldives or Tahiti, or meet the giant tortoises in the Seychelles.

Wherever you want to go, our skippered charters will help you make the most of your vacation time.

Sail the places you have always dreamed of with our skippered charter destinations.

New to sailing? Find out how to charter a yacht for a vacation.

What is a skippered yacht charter?

For our skippered charters, you are hiring a professional skipper to do the sailing for you, leaving you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing, hassle-free vacation. It is also known as a captain only charter.

You do not need sailing experience to hire a yacht with our skippered charters. It is easier to book and more affordable than you think. Get in touch, if there’s too much choice and you need advice.

Do I need a skipper?

We aim to make sailing as inclusive as possible. Our skippered charters are perfect if you do not have sailing experience, the right bareboat certification or want to relax on holiday. Read our guide to bareboat charter certification to see if you are qualified for a bareboat charter.
Skippered charters suit many types of travelers and sailors, including:

  • Adventure lovers who want to explore destinations from the water but cannot sail. No longer do you have to see the same beach view from your hotel complex. We can help you find a yacht and skipper for you.
  • Sailors who want to relax with their friends and family rather than take the helm. Sometimes you just don’t want to be in charge. While sailing is enjoyable for everyone else, it can be hard work for the skipper. A skippered charter removes this burden and gives the responsibility to an experienced professional.
  • Sailors who haven’t the bareboat license certification for their chosen destination. Many destinations do not require a license but some do, particularly in the Mediterranean. If you do not have the right bareboat certification, you can still sail your destination with a skippered charter.
  • Sailors who want to explore a new destination and get comfortable with the cruising ground. Perhaps you’ve sailed for years and want to try a new destination that is known to have challenging wind systems or navigation. A skippered charter helps you to pick up advice and tips so you can sail next time.
  • New sailors who want to grow their confidence. If you’ve just started sailing and this is your first charter abroad, you may want to consider a skippered yacht charter. A skipper means you can relax and learn about sailing in other countries to grow your knowledge without pressure.

If you are an experienced sailor, check out our bareboat yacht charters.

Beautiful skippered charter catamaran in crystal waters

How to provision for a skippered charter?

To cater for a skippered charter, you can use our provisioning service if it is available at your destination. Check your chosen destination’s base guide for more information.

You can shop yourself and fill your boat with your favorites or try local produce from nearby stores, markets and suppliers. Our destination base guides share the nearest supermarket location and opening hours.

What is a skippered yacht charter?

A skippered yacht charter is when you rent one of our boats for you and your guests and a professional skipper sails it for you. No sailing experience is needed.

You will need to choose a yacht with a cabin for your skipper to sleep in as they are responsible for your yacht for the duration of your charter. We will find the skipper for you once you have found your perfect destination and yacht.

You will need to pay for your skipper’s food. You can invite the skipper to dine with you on board or out at a local restaurant.

Why should I book a skippered charter with Dream yacht?

Book with Dream Yacht Worldwide for the widest choice of destinations and the most diverse range of yachts in our fleet, also the world’s largest fleet. 

Our base teams deliver high levels of customer service and a warm welcome, as well as sharing their passion for the local destination and their tips and advice.

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading yacht manufacturers, known for their cutting edge design.

What is included in a skippered charter?

  • Your boat and marina fees: Your yacht, dinghy and outboard are all included in the price and you can stay at our base on the first and last night to help your travel plans. 
  • Kit for skippered charters: Your boat will have snorkeling equipment, a full fuel tank for the yacht and dinghy, a full water tank, one bottle of cooking gas and a spare. You will need to refill when you return to base. You’ll also find a cleaning starter pack on board to help with cleaning with trash bags, washing liquid, matches and dishcloth. Check with us as the contents vary depending on your destination.
  • Essentials pack for a skippered charter: What is the Essentials Pack? Designed for our bareboat charters, it includes our previous damage waiver extra, end cleaning & starter pack which will not be shown in new quotes & bookings. Only handling fees will remain as other mandatory extra (+ taxes in some destinations). All bookings with the Essentials charter pack will have 0 € security deposit. Essential Pack is mandatory in most destinations with few exceptions. Contact us for more details.
  • Damage waiver for a skippered charter: It is mandatory in some destinations and insurance with a lower excess has been added to your quote. At the base you can pay a higher damage waiver deposit, which is fully refundable if there is not any damage or loss to the boat, dinghy and equipment. The damage waiver, or refundable security deposit, covers one incident of a substantial nature at any one time. In the case of loss or damage to equipment of significant value, such as the outboard engine or dinghy, you have the right to an immediate replacement while on the charter.

What is not included for a skippered charter?

You will need to pay for your skipper. You can pay in advance for most destinations and in cash when you arrive for others.

When you plan your itinerary consider any extra fees, such as mooring or marina fees, customs/immigration fees, landing or cruising taxes, fees for landing on islands or entering marine parks.

You will need to pay for your catering, refueling and water refills, ice, water toys (paddleboards, kayaks and inflatables), fishing equipment and licenses (if needed), safety nets for children, satellite phones, Wi-Fi, your flights and any transfers to and from the airport. Don’t forget your cancellation insurance.

Where do you offer skippered charters?

Our skippered charter fleet is spread across the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Asia, Americas and the Mediterranean. We have +50 destinations worldwide, including some of the most beautiful places on Earth, including the British Virgin Islands, Greece, Croatia, the Seychelles and Tahiti to name a few.

You can hire skippered catamarans, power cats and sailboats and there we have a diverse range of  yachts, to choose from including the latest models by leading manufacturers. If there are too many options, you can contact us.

Why sail with us?

Your safety is our priority

We handpick our professional skippers for our charters and check they have:

● Proven qualifications
● Destination experience
● Safety as their priority
● Excellent local knowledge
● Warm, friendly personalities

Why book with Dream Yacht Charter?

We know how important your vacations are to you and your guests. We’re here for advice if you want more information on a destination, yacht or skippers. We offer:

Everywhere you want to sail

Widest choice of sailing destinations

Unrivalled choice

Largest fleet of catamarans and monohulls

Expert team

Our team sails and can offer expert advice

Customer service

You are at the heart of our company


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Absolutely amazing! Fred + Isabelle were so accommodating and did so much for us. Isabelle’s food was incredible. Thanks so much!


Exumas Cabin

Excellent. Very professional and great service!


Antigua Bareboat

Just what we needed coming out of a year of lockdown, to see new places and connect with nature. Highly recommended for your next sailing adventure!


St. Martin Bareboat

Excellent cruise and very good stay. Skipper attentive, very pleasant and very professional.


Guadeloupe Skippered

Just returned from another fantastic sailing week at your base in Pula and I would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible on such short notice and without any problems.


Croatia Bareboat

The marina itself is a perfect starting point with great facilities! The Lagoon 42 was in good condition and the skipper was amazing and very knowledgeable of the area.”


Spain Skippered

What an AMAZING experience. We’ve just returned from a week long skippered charter from Corfu, sailing around the beautiful islands of the Ionian. Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu Old Town were beautiful and the secluded bays we had the pleasure of visiting thanks to our local skipper, Nicholas, were simply overwhelming. Fly and flops are no longer for us – we’ll be chartering with DYC for the foreseeable future.


Greece Skippered

Our group of 10 had an AMAZING time in French Polynesia from May 21-28, 2022! The food was amazing, our captain and chef, husband and wife: Henry and Mehee (sp), were incredible and the whole experience on board was a dream! We can’t wait to book another trip through DYC


Tahiti Crewed Premium

DYC provided a great sailing experience for my extended family on 2 monos out of Scrub Island. The boats were in great shape and preformed perfectly and the staff were friendly and helpful. Having worked for a number of charter companies over the years DYC is one of the best.


British Virgin Islands Bareboat

Baja is my favorite place now. There was something for everyone: sailed under northerlies with mostly calm evenings, snorkeled, fished, bummed it on the sandy beaches, enchanted by pelicans feeding, greeted by the barking sea lions and explored the Ispiritu Santo island geology. DYC La Paz base provided competent professional support with a well provisioned and maintained boat. We were nourished well by an onboard cook arranged with DYC freeing us all for more play. A vacation and an adventure connected with nature.


Mexico Crewed Premium

All staff were fantastic and made our trip very memorable. Incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food was amazing. The service throughout the trip was always first class!


Thailand Cabin

Absolutely recommended. Perfect service and set up. Will charter again and will recommend Dream Yacht Charter anytime.


Turkey Bareboat

I just returned from 3 weeks of amazing sailing with my family on one of your catamarans in Sardinia. I would like to express my thanks to our skipper Simone and Daniela, our hostess.


Sardinia Bareboat

For a first cruise as a skipper, the Mediterranean is great. The Dream Yacht Charter service is too!


France Bareboat

We had an incredible trip and actually got engaged on the first night of our sail! We will certainly be back one day. Thank you for getting us ready for our charter. We were definitely beginners but he gave us a very thorough but very easy to follow training and it gave us a lot of confidence.



The on board experience was way beyond our expectations. Isabelle provided exceptional three course meals. We could not believe her creativity and delicious meals. Thomas was an excellent skipper. He was always on the lookout for our needs. Thanks guys!” Spira, New Caledonia bareboat with crew charter


New Caledonia Bareboat

Yet again another fantastic sail with another great crew. Thanks again to a great captain and cook. Was totally fantastic.


Seychelles Easy Crewed

It’s always a pleasure sailing with DYC in the UK. Great team, great boats, great sailing. Very flexible and work hard to make your trip a success. Many thanks.


Brittany Cabin

Unforgettable spots to snorkel and beaches. Very experienced crew. Highly recommend.


No Country Selected Bareboat


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