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Tahiti Sailing Vacations

The South Pacific island of Tahiti and the neighboring islands of French Polynesia may be the closest you will ever come to paradise on earth.

What’s on this page


  • Beautiful Bora Bora
  • Vibrant undersea life
  • Warm Tahitian hospitality

Sailing Tahiti islands

Tahiti happy friends luxury yacht charter

Part of the Society Islands, Tahiti is bursting with exciting marine life, emerald volcanic peaks and vivid exotic flowers, making it the perfect destination for a yacht charter.

This area boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, all of which you can explore on your Tahiti Sailing Vacations  – from green-topped mountains and perfect white sand beaches to calm aquamarine seas and protected turquoise lagoons.

Cooled by the trade winds of the Pacific, Tahiti enjoys a pleasant, sunny climate which, along with volcanic landscape and warm tropical waters, has created a diverse ecosystem of interesting plants and animals.

Begin your Tahiti sailing vacation on the island of Raiatea to explore its archaeological remains and impressive lagoon, then head to Motu To’opua under the familiar peaks of Bora Bora. It’s the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling. 

Take a trip to Huahine while sailing Tahiti’s islands and visit the small village of Fare, where you will find a warm Polynesian welcome. Browse the boutiques and get a bite to eat in the small restaurants.

Whatever itinerary you choose, a Tahiti sailing vacation is unmatched for sheer beauty, sunny skies, wonderful beaches and friendly smiles.

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For experienced sailors, a bareboat charter is the perfect getaway.


Relax and leave all the sailing to a professional skipper.

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Your own private yacht for an all-inclusive luxury sailing vacation.

Cabin cruise

Reserve a private ensuite stateroom on a modern catamaran.


Low package rates for island-hopping aboard a sailing yacht.


Get closer to nature on the perfect self-catering Caribbean vacation.

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Cruise faster and see more on the perfect charter boat.

Things to do in Tahiti

Tahiti wildlife tortoise

Visit the Anapa Pearl Farm

While on Raiatea, head to the Anapa Pearl Farm with its pearl divers, aquatic reserve and coral garden. Make a tour reservation, then take a mooring at the farm and learn all about pearls. Afterwards, explore the lagoon or hike through the rainforest to spot the Tiare Apetahi, a very rare flower.

Anchor at Bora Bora

During your Tahiti sailing vacations, anchor at Motu To’opua on Bora Bora and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Take a mooring at the Bloody Mary’s restaurant at the Bora Bora Yacht Club, enjoy a cocktail and marvel at their huge list of famous guests.

Drift snorkeling at Taha’a

The coral garden at Taurere Bay is the most renowned snorkeling spot on Taha’a. Put on your snorkel and float through channels of moving water while the current carries you over the breathtaking coral. You’ll get to see an amazing variety of coral, sea anemone and fish, even octopus and rays. No wonder it’s one of the most popular things to do in Tahiti.

Navigate the mangrove river

The river Aoppomau that flows into the very end of Fa’aroa Bay can be explored by dinghy (with no motoring) or better, with kayaks or paddle boards. The peace and quiet of this tropical jungle is wonderful, with only bird songs to accompany you. Above the trees, catch glimpses of towering Mount Tefatuaiti.

Visit Huahine Lagoon

One of the top things to do in Tahiti is to sail to Huahine and explore Fare’s shops and restaurants and pick up fresh fruit on a Sunday at the market. Explore Maeva village with its archaeological sites and head to the lagoon for some amazing photographs.

Weather insights

Tahiti local dances fun vacation

When is the best time to go to Tahiti?

Tahiti has two seasons, with the wet and warm season coming between November and April and the dry, cool season between May and September (averaging 75°F) with the driest months in June and August.

The best time to visit Tahiti is between April/May and September/October.

What are the sailing conditions in Tahiti?

The Leeward Islands’ prevailing winds are easterly and southeasterly between 15 and 20 knots, increasing to 25 knots. With these conditions, the sea can be choppy with a swell of three to five feet. 

The maraamu wind can blow June to August from the southeast between 25 and 35 knots. Swells can reach 8-9ft in open waters and last for a few days. Passages from Bora Bora to Taha’a can be uncomfortable, as there’s exposure to a large swell.

The navigation inside the lagoon is very specific and easy with marked channels. Stay in the channels as it is very difficult and dangerous outside of them. Take care anchoring as lagoons are very deep – only anchor in less than 30ft of water on sandy, coral-free ground. 

For mooring in Tahiti, restaurants like the Bora Bora Yacht Club, La Pirogue Api, and Hotel Hibiscus have their own moorings you can use. There are some moorings in the Leewards, such as Bay Fa’aroa in Raiatea, but you are responsible for checking if the rope is in good shape.

Tahiti friends yacht charter fun

Sailing Tahiti Islands with Dream Yacht Charter

Tahiti Sailing Vacations

Tahiti sailing vacations mean you can discover the wonders of the Society Islands. Sail Tahiti from the water’s edge with our fleet of catamarans and monohulls.

Skippered yacht charters Tahiti

You can enjoy sailing Tahiti even if you don’t know how to sail. Hire a skipper to sail you and your guests while you relax.

By the cabin Tahiti sailing vacations

Relax and enjoy Tahiti without lifting a finger on your vacation. Leave the planning, sailing and cooking to us with our by the cabin charters. Reserve your own private cabin and bathroom and we’ll look after you.

Tahiti crewed charters

Personalize your Tahiti sailing vacation and hire your own private luxury yacht. Let our captain and chef look after you and your guests while you choose the itinerary and menu for an ultimate all-inclusive experience.

Tahiti Easy Crewed charters

Sail aboard a private yacht with your friends and family with our easy to book and affordable Easy Crewed packages – skipper and water toys included! Choose your own itinerary, with the flexibility to add on a hostess/cook for meals if you’d like.

Tahiti happy friends summer vacation catamaran charter

Tahiti sailing itinerary

Take a look at our Tahiti sailing vacation suggestions

Tahiti/Raiatea 7 Days
Other Itineraries
4-day itinerary Tahiti

Day 1

After orientation at Marina Uturoa, Raiatea, set sail for the east side of Taha’a. Head for amazing diving at the coral reef or head onto the Passe Toahotu. Overnight and eat onboard.

Day 2

Sail five or six hours to Avamoa Pass, Huahine. Make sure you visit Fare, a typical friendly Polynesian village with some boutiques and small restaurants.

Day 3

Cruise along the sandy coastline to Avea Bay, then sail to the Huahine Lagoon. This is a tranquil area, with a well protected anchorage, which should give a weary crew a restful night’s sleep.

Day 4

You can’t visit the area without going to the Anapa Pearl Farm, Raiatea. Call to reserve a tour, then moor at the farm. Take your dinner aboard and prepare to sail back to base.

8-day itinerary Tahiti

Day 1

Get to know Raiatea, the heart of Polynesian culture. Then focus on resting by eating dinner on board as your Tahitian adventure is just beginning!

Day 2

Head to the Anapa Pearl Farm with its pearl divers, rare aquatic reserve and coral garden. Make a tour reservation, then take a mooring at the farm and learn all about pearls. Afterwards, explore the lagoon or hike through the rainforest to spot Tiare Apetahi, a very rare flower.

Day 3

Anchor at Motu Toopua on Bora Bora and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Take a mooring at the Bloody Mary’s restaurant and marvel at their huge list of famous guests.

Day 4

Sail to the east side of the lagoon, where you can swim with turtles, rays, sharks and fish. In the afternoon, sail the southern shore of the island and explore the magnificent coral reef.

Day 5

Sail to the east side of Taha’a and explore the amazing coral reef or Passe Toahotu. Stay onboard for dinner and get a decent night’s sleep.

Day 6

Sail to Huahine and visit Fare, where you will find a warm local welcome in this Polynesian village. Browse the boutiques and get a bite to eat in the small restaurants.

Day 7

Cruise to Avea Bay, then sail to Huahine Lagoon, with deep clear waters and gleaming white sand. The anchorage in this bay is very well-protected and should provide a restful night.

Day 8

Sail downwind to Raiatea, dine ashore and sail back to base.

10-day itinerary Tahiti

Day 1

Sail from the base to Motu Mahaea, Taha’a for a spot of reef exploration and swimming in clear azure waters. Spend the night at Ha’amene Bay, anchoring north east of the small village. Take a dinghy to restaurant Tahaa Maitai. Book in advance.

Day 2

Head 22 nm to Bora Bora with a fast downwind passage. Anchor west of the Motu Toopua, swim and snorkel before mooring at the Bloody Mary’s. Great restaurant. Refill water at the dock.

Day 3

Explore the lagoon and sail to the east side of the Bora Bora lagoon with its many spots for anchor. Visit the Lagoonarium and swim with the rays, sharks, and turtles.

Day 4

Head back to Raiatea. Make sure you start very early for a long passage to Hurepiti Bay Taha’a. Book a tour for an excursion in the Taha’a mountain and for a mooring buoy. Overnight on the mooring and dine onboard.

Day 5

After breakfast, hike Taha’a mountain and sail to the Anapa Pearl Farm. Overnight at the mooring.

Day 6

Snorkel on the reef around the boat. Tour the pearl farm to learn about why the region is famous for pearls. Sail to Taha’a east coast and stop at the Vahine Island resort. Moor overnight and dine at the excellent restaurant.

Day 7

Sail to Huahine and anchor in Fare, a typical small village. Amble around the boutiques, bars and restaurants on the seafront. Refill water at the dock.

Day 8

Sail to the south and anchor in the beautiful bay of Avea, where there is fantastic snorkeling on the coral heads. The shore is great for a relaxing walk among beautiful scenery. Dine at the restaurants on the beach.

Day 9

Passage Huahine- Raiatea downwind, where you’ll find good fishing for tuna or mahi mahi. Enter the Irihu Pass and take a mooring in the Faaroa Bay.

Day 10

Head back to base.

11-day itinerary Tahiti

Day 1

Spend your first day in Raiatea, also known as “faraway heaven”, and get to know the local area and your boat.

Day 2

The region is famous for its pearls so make sure you visit Anapa Pearl Farm to learn about them. Make a reservation for a tour, moor at the farm and explore.

Day 3

Cruise to Bora Bora and anchor at Motu Toopua to swim and snorkel in some of the best waters in Polynesia. For food, moor at the Bloody Mary’s restaurant where you may spot a celebrity or two.

Day 4

Sail at sunrise to Raiatea, the second largest of the Society Islands. Take time to relax, explore the lagoon, hike through the rainforest, take a jeep safari and look for Tiare Apetahi, a very rare flower.

Day 5

Head for the east side of Taha’a to snorkel in sun sparkling waters at the coral reef, or in the Passe Toahotu.

Day 6

Make your way to Huahine, which is quieter than Bora Bora and Moorea. Visit the main town of Fare, which has some boutiques and small restaurants. Or, you can visit its Sunday outdoor market, which is known for its fruit.

Day 7

Travel to Avea Bay, then sail along the Huahine Lagoon with a wonderful backdrop of emerald green vegetation. The well protected anchorage here will provide a restful sleep for the crew.

Day 8

Cruise back to Raiatea to explore the lush rainforest and sparkling lagoon. Dine aboard and rest for an early morning sail.

Day 9

Head to Moorea, a key destination for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and paddle-boarding. On shore, discover the well-kept hiking trails and get to know the local flora and fauna. Whales and dolphins are abundant here, so book a whale-watching tour or a meet-and-greet with some playful porpoises.

Day 10

Sail to Tahiti, Queen of the Pacific, and the largest island in French Polynesia. Marvel at the landscape, which is dominated by extinct volcanoes.

Day 11

Explore Tahiti.

14-day itinerary Tahiti

Day 1

Head from Raiatea to the Motu Mahaea, Taha’a, for reef snorkeling and swimming. Overnight at Ha’amene Bay with dinner at the Tahaa Maitai (make an advance reservation).

Day 2

Sail 25 nm to Huahine with a stopover at the main town of Fare. Meet the friendly locals and browse the shops and restaurants on the seafront. Refill water at the dock.

Day 3

Sail south and anchor in the beautiful bay of Avea for superb snorkeling among the colorful coral. Here you can swim with the manta rays along the sand edge or walk along the east side of the cape. Dine at Relais Mahana.

Day 4

Passage Huahine- Raiatea downwind, where you’ll find good fishing for tuna or mahi mahi. Enter the Irihu Pass and take a mooring in the Fa’aroa Bay.

Day 5

Take the kayaks or dinghy along the mangrove river (no engine allowed) and visit the botanical garden beyond the wooden dock. Sail to Hotopuu Bay for a stopover at Taputapuatea Marae, the most important religious site in Polynesia. Overnight at Motu Nao Nao.

Day 6

Sail to the Punaeroa Pass for a downwind passage to Bora Bora and anchor on the west side of Motu Toopua.

Day 7

Sail to the east side of the Bora Bora lagoon where you have plenty of anchorage choices. Swim with rays, sharks, and turtles at the protected Lagoonarium. Dine with a BBQ onboard.

Day 8

Head back to the west of the lagoon and moor for dinner at the famous Bloody Mary’s where you may spot some celebrities! Refill water on the dock.

Day 9

Day sail to Tupai, a deserted atoll, to enjoy a spot of fishing. Head back to Motu Toopua for the night.

Day 10

Passage for Maupiti, a small coral atoll. Check the condition of the pass as conditions may be too rough. Postpone or take the ferry for a day visit to Maupiti.

Day 11

Visit the island, walk around the shore and snorkel the reef. Dine at Tarona, overlooking the lagoon.

Day 12

Sail to Bora Bora, mooring at Bora Bora Yacht Club. Refill water and have dinner ashore.

Día 13

Sail to Taha’a. Call ahead for a mooring buoy in the Hurepiti Bay and book a tour (Tel: 65 62 46 VHF 9) or anchor in the bay. Overnight on the mooring and have dinner aboard.

Day 14

After breakfast, head back to base at Raiatea. Stopover at the fuel station at the entrance of the marina for fuel and diesel refill, then call the base for docking assistance.

Useful information for Tahiti Sailing Vacations

Tahiti local people culture adventure

Where is Tahiti located?

Tahiti is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 6,000km east of Australia and 7,000km west of Chile.

How do I get to Tahiti from the US?

To get to our base ahead of your Tahiti sailing vacation, fly into Raiatea Airport (RFP) via daily flights from Fa’a’ā International Airport on nearby Papeete. 

We can arrange airport transfers on request, which take about 15 minutes via taxi. 

Excess baggage charges can be very expensive, especially on the small planes between Papeete and Raiatea or the other islands.

What language is spoken in Tahiti?

The official language spoken in Tahiti is Tahitian, although French is also used. English is often spoken in tourist and resort areas.

What is the currency for Tahiti?

The currency in Tahiti is the Pacific Franc (CFP).

What documents do I need for sailing Tahiti’s Island?

To sail Tahiti you’ll need a valid US passport. No visas are required for US citizens for stays of less than three months. 

Talk to us to make sure you have the correct documents before you travel.

How do I get around Tahiti?

Getting around Tahiti needs a little planning and you’ll need a car or scooter, or arrange transport. There are a few rental firms on the island but do compare prices. We can help you arrange a transfer for the short distance between the airport and our base.

What is the Wi-Fi like in Tahiti?

The internet is slow and expensive in the region. You can access Wi-Fi at our marina, at Uturoa market and in some restaurants during your Tahiti sailing vacations. You can find internet cafes in Uturoa, Bora Bora and Papeete town. 

We recommend you buy a local sim card for your mobile (if not blocked on your provider), or rent a mobile at the base for a  permanent 3G connection.

What regulations are there in Tahiti?

Sailing in the lagoons of French Polynesia is restricted to daylight hours and you must remain at anchor between sunset and sunrise. 

The authorized sailing area extends around the islands of Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora, Huahine and Maupiti for the Leewards, as well as Tahiti and Moorea in case of a one-way Papeete charter. No shelter or stopover is possible in Tupai. Mopelia has no cell phone network coverage at all, and is very limited in the Tuamotu. If you intend to sail these islands, please notify our base in advance.

Polynesia is an exceptional place but also fragile. The waters around the island are clear and pollution is minimal. Many of the local inhabitants use the ocean as their main source of food. It is therefore very important that all visitors cruising the Tahitian Islands do as much as possible to protect the undersea environment, so the future of Tahiti remains healthy. Don’t anchor where you risk damaging coral and do not collect any live shells or coral. Take care of your garbage and do not disturb nature. Stay 100ft away from dolphins and 160ft away from a whale (330ft if it has a calf).

Catching and eating reef fish is not recommended. There are areas in the lagoon that are infected with ciguatera, which is a toxin caused by microscopic algae and it renders fish inedible. Fish sold in markets are good for eating.

Women should not wear bathing suits in the villages, so keep a t-shirt and shorts handy when in the villages or near locals.

Where can I find weather forecasts in Tahiti?

You can find Tahiti weather forecasts on the Windguru website or on VHF Channel 13 (in French).

What provisioning is there in Tahiti?

There are plenty of choices for provisioning in Tahiti. Please refer to the base guide. 

You can buy your seafood directly from local fishermen, just wave at them if you want to buy their catch.

What baggage can I take on my Tahiti sailing vacation?

Please only take soft bags and not suitcases as they are too cumbersome on board.

What is the electrical current in Tahiti?

The land electrical current in Tahiti is 220V.

What is the dialing code for Tahiti?

The dialing code for Tahiti is +689.

Why should I book with Dream Yacht?

Dream Yacht Worldwide is now the world’s leading yacht charter company and offers you:

  • A diverse fleet of yachts with a wide variety of models and manufacturers to suit every type of sailor.
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  • You’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome from our base teams who will share regional tips, recommendations and advice.
  • We’re also a trusted seller of new and used boats and an innovator in charter management options – sailing is our business.

What licenses do I need to hire a yacht and sail myself?

The skipper of a yacht has primary responsibility for the safety of the crew and yacht at all times. Many destinations require just relevant experience demonstrated by a sailing resume.

To charter in the Mediterranean, it is mandatory that you hold a sailing license recognized by the local port authorities for bareboat charters in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Malta, Montenegro and Turkey. Other destinations that require a license include Madagascar, Seychelles, Thailand, Brazil and Sweden. For Belize, the port authority will issue a certificate of competency and an application is made on arrival.

You must take your proof of competency and original certificate with you on your charter. We advise you to contact our team about your qualifications and destination requirements before booking.

By accepting the yacht contract you are confirming that you and/or members of your crew are capable and competent to sail the yacht in the conditions and cruising area of the charter. We reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if, after inspection, it is the opinion that the charterer is not, or may not be competent to be in charge of the vessel.

What is a skippered yacht charter?

A skippered yacht charter is when you rent one of our boats for you and your guests and a professional skipper sails it for you. No sailing experience is needed.

You will need to choose a yacht with a cabin for your skipper to sleep in as they are responsible for your yacht for the duration of your charter. We will find the skipper for you once you have found your perfect destination and yacht.

You will need to pay for your skipper’s food. You can invite the skipper to dine with you on board or out at a local restaurant.

What is the difference between crewed and by the cabin charters?

Our by the cabin charter charters offer exciting destination tours on a set itinerary crafted by our destination experts. You can book a double cabin and private bathroom and will share the boat with other guests who have booked the other available cabins. You will be looked after by a professional skipper and hostess with itineraries ranging from three to 11 nights. There is a set menu and included meals and drinks vary depending on location.

Can you tell me about your yachts?

Our super premier yachts are less than 12 months old from their first charter date, while premier yachts are less than three years old from their first charter date. Our yachts are well maintained and undergo regular, scheduled technical inspection.

In case of emergency, you can rely on our hotline, at any time, seven days a week. If you experience a technical failure affecting major and important parts of the yacht, we will repair the failure within four hours of receiving your call during working hours (8am to 5pm). If you lose more than four hours (during working hours), we will compensate you for one full day. If the repair takes more than one day, we will provide you with a similar boat or compensate you on a pro-rata basis. If restrictions to this guarantee apply in specific areas, this will be detailed during the charter check-in at the base.

Do I need insurance?

We highly recommend you arrange travel insurance in case you need to cancel for an unexpected reason to cover non-refundable deposits. Please make sure you have personal travel insurance that covers sailing.

We will insure the vessel throughout the charter with first-class insurers against all risks, to provide permission to charter as under contract terms and to cover third-party liability.

The following options are available in limited locations:

  • Security Deposit: This varies on the size of the boat and when the boat is returned without damage it is refunded.
  • Damage Waiver: The charterer agrees to pay a non-refundable damage waiver at the time of booking, as well as a reduced damage deposit on embarkation that is refundable upon completion of the charter should no damage occur.

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Simply wonderful! Fred + Isabelle were so accommodating and did so much for us. Isabelle’s food was incredible. Thank you so much!


Exumas Cabin

Great class. Very professional and great service!


Antigua Bareboat

Just what we needed to get out of a year of lockdown, see new places and connect with nature. Highly recommended for your next sailing adventure!


St. Martin Bareboat

Excellent cruise and wonderful stay on board. Skipper attentive, very pleasant and very professional.


Guadeloupe Skippered

I have just returned from another fantastic week of sailing at your base in Pula and would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible at such short notice and without any problems.


Guadeloupe Bareboat

The marina itself is a perfect base with super facilities! The Lagoon 42 was in good condition and the skipper was fantastic and knew the area very well.


Croatia Skippered

What an EXCELLENT experience. We just returned from a week long charter with skipper from Corfu, sailing around the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. Paxos, Antipaxos and the old town of Corfu were beautiful and the secluded bays we got to visit thanks to our local skipper Nicholas were simply stunning. Fly and Flops was yesterday – we will only charter with Dream Yacht for the foreseeable future.


Greece Skippered

Our group of 10 had a WONDERFUL time in French Polynesia from May 21-28, 2022! The food was fantastic: captain and cook, husband and wife: Henry and Mehee (sp) were amazing and the whole experience on board was a dream! We can’t wait to book another trip through Dream Yacht


Tahiti Crewed Premium

Dream Yacht provided a great sailing experience for my extended family on 2 monohulls from Scrub Island. The boats were in very good condition and perfectly prepared, the staff friendly and helpful. I had worked for a number of charter companies over the years but Dream Yacht is one of the


British Virgin Islands Bareboat

The new boat was in perfect condition and best condition for exploring bays and islands. I could never have imagined that this could be so much fun and enjoyable and we are already looking forward to the next upcoming trip in the Ionian


Scandinavia Bareboat

Baja is now my favorite place. There was something for everyone: sailing under northerly winds with mostly calm evenings, snorkeling, fishing, secluded sandy beaches, pelican feedings, being greeted by barking sea lions, and exploring the geology of Ispiritu Santo Island. Dream Yacht Base La Paz provided competent professional support with a well-equipped and maintained boat. We were wonderfully cooked by an on-board chef arranged with Dream Yacht, which meant more free time for all of us. An unforgettable vacation and adventure connected with nature.


Mexico Crewed Premium

All the staff were fantastic and made our trip a memorable one. Incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food was fantastic. The service throughout the trip was always top notch!


Thailand Cabin

Absolutely recommendable. Perfect service. Will charter again and recommend Dream Yacht Charter anytime.


Turkey Bareboat

I just returned from 3 weeks of fantastic sailing with my family on one of your catamarans in Sardinia. My thanks to our skipper Simone and Daniela, our cook.


Sardinia Skippered

For a first cruise as a skipper, the Mediterranean is perfect. The service of Dream Yacht is too!


France Bareboat

We had an incredible trip and got engaged on our very first night of sailing! We will surely come back one day. We were beginners, we were guided very well and that gave us a lot of confidence.


Australia Bareboat

The experience on board far exceeded our expectations. Isabelle provided exceptional three course meals. Her creativity and delicious meals were incredible. Thomas was an excellent skipper, he “felt” our needs. Thanks guys!” Spira, bareboat with crew in New Caledonia.


New Caledonia Crewed Premium

Once again a fantastic sail with a great crew. Thanks again to a great captain and cook. Was totally fantastic.


Seychelles Cabin

A very excellent sailing vacation – especially the crew was fantastic. I would sail with Dream Yacht again and highly recommend them.


Guadeloupe Bareboat

I loved the vacation and am not sure this trip can ever be topped. Everything about it was incredible. The captain and crew were great, helpful, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. We loved it.


Greece Crewed Premium

We just returned from one of your Lagoon 52F’s last week in St. Thomas! We had the trip of a lifetime sailing around St. Thomas and St. John!


US Virgin Islands Bareboat

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