Organizing your Vacation Photo Gallery

23rd Jan 2017
person taking picture of the water

So you’ve just come back from your vacation and have hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of photos. You plug in your camera and watch the upload bar slowly come to complete. You open up the upload folder and begin the tedious task of sifting through Christmas past, birthdays, selfies, and random photos of your pet just to find your most recent vacation photos to upload to Facebook. As if you were some sort of archeologist digging through your own personal electronic history. The task of organizing your photos doesn’t have to be a hassle. Below are some tips for properly maintaining an organized photo gallery.

Organize by Date
We highly suggest starting off by organizing by date. Start by creating a folder for your photos and then create sub folders for each year you have photos. Within those years add folders based on the month and from there add folders for specific days or events. For example if you took a bunch of random photos on say October 17, 2013 just label it “10/17/13”. Or if you were on a recent trip to La Paz in October just label it “La Paz”. This may all seem like common sense but its important you stick to this pyramid type system of filing so you can easily pinpoint what you want when you need it. It also makes searching for photos using your operating systems file search a lot more accurate.

Use a Photo Application
Most operating systems come with one. The most common example is Microsoft Photos or Apple’s Photo application. These applications can automatically date uploads, use gps locations to organize and tag photos, and even use facial recognition to tag certain people so you can later search photos of that particular person. Again, most photo gallery applications like these are usually free and come with your computer and can be a huge help with organizing your photos.

Always Have Backups
We cannot stress enough how important it is to have backups of your photos. Mistakes, computer crashes, and thefts happen and its never a good feeling losing photos of the great times you’ve had in the past. The tech industry always suggest three backups. Backups can be placed on external hard drives, usb sticks, and the cloud. For the cloud we suggest using websites like Dropbox or Google Drive. Both are free with a ton of space and options to pay for more space, if needed. So sign up for both, upload your photos, and you have two forms of backing up your photos right there.

As said earlier, a lot of this may seem like common sense but when it comes to your precious memories it’s important to take the time and actually follow through in implementing these practices.