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Best Caribbean Party Islands to Visit

Best Caribbean Party Islands to Visit

06th Aug 2019

Our Guide to the Five Best Party Islands in the Caribbean Caribbean vacations are not just for balmy sea breezes and swaying palm trees anymore. Many travelers are seeking the best party scene under the sun for dancing the night away under the stars. Choose carefully, fellow roof-raisers. The best Caribbean party islands can be … Continued

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How to enjoy a long-term charter sailing Pacific islands with a young family

10th Jun 2019

Have you ever been on vacation and not wanted to go home? A sailing vacation can make you feel so free that you can’t wait to keep the adventure going. Sailors Marjorie Fillet and her husband, Thibault, felt that way and began to plan their long-term charter in the Pacific with their two young children, … Continued

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Want to take a cruise? Take a sailboat adventure instead

05th Jun 2019

Take a sailing vacation where you will make new friends, discover new places, indulge in locally-sourced meals while feeling catered to without the pressure of knowing how to sail yourself.    A luxury sailing vacation doesn’t need to be restricted to travelers with sailing experience or those willing to dish out the cost of an … Continued

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Five Reasons to Sail the Caribbean in Low Season

27th May 2019

Although most visitors tend to flock there in the winter, the Caribbean is an exquisite place to charter in the summer. We’ve got the scoop on why an off-season Caribbean vacation may just become your best-ever. One of the best summer Caribbean destinations are the islands of the Grenadines and St. Vincent, known for their … Continued

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The Taste, Culture And Striking Landscape Of Italy

20th May 2019

Think Italy. Taste lemons, olive oil, fresh fish, basil pesto. See smoldering craters, ancient ruins, sparkling waters, colorful architecture. Hear laughter and the intoxicating sound of new arrivals at a vibrant port. Enjoy utter relaxation on board a luxury yacht charter every night. Have we convinced you yet? In honor of the opening of our … Continued

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Sweden’s She Captain practices manoeuvres at our Stockholm base

17th May 2019

On the 12th and 14th of May, Sweden’s She Captain sailing network for women chose our base in Stockholm to hone their skills. This network with 3,700 members was founded by Anna Mourou, who we’ve partnered with for her circumnavigation that starts next year. Anna is also our ambassador for our #MoreWomenatSea campaign, launched in … Continued

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Our Complete Cruising Guide to the Chesapeake Bay

14th May 2019

Annapolis, Maryland is quaint, peaceful and a little-known destination for world-class sailing.  With the 200-mile long Chesapeake Bay at its backyard, a downtown steeped in maritime history and home to unusual wildlife, Annapolis lives and breathes sailing. With nearly 12,000 miles of shoreline to explore, you could spend years sailing the bay and still find … Continued

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Five Things You Need to Know for a Sailing Vacation in Whimsical Australia

06th May 2019

There’s no other way to put it: Australia is another planet. A sailing vacation to this Pacific outback will no doubt include exotic native wildlife, burgers made from bizarre (but delicious) meat, and 20,000 year old rock art that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back to a different era. Google founders Larry Page … Continued

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Sailors with the Optimist World Championship

30th Apr 2019

This year, we are supporting the next generation of sailors on the water by being a proud sponsor of the Optimist World Championship regatta. Taking place in English Harbour, Antigua, 300 youth sailors from over 50 countries will come together and participate in sailing races from the July 6 – 16 2019. The Optimist World … Continued

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A day in the life of a BVI skipper for Dream Yacht Charter

26th Apr 2019

Lisa Rolland is one of our professional skippers and is based at Scrub Island Resort & Spa in the British Virgin Islands. As part of our #MoreWomenatSea series, Lisa told us how she got into sailing, her career so far and what her typical day as a Dream Yacht Charter skipper looks like… How often … Continued

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