Lagoon 78 “French West”

Lagoon 78 Pc Crewed

Type: Powered catamaran
Layout: 4 + 2 Cabins / 4 Head(s)
8 Passengers
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Mathieu QUER
Experience / Qualifications: Coming from a fishing family in Brittany, he dedicates his life to the sea and loves to share his passion for the ocean with passengers. He has sailed all the seas of the globe and has a fine knowledge of the Caribbean. His sense of responsibility and security, combined with an altruistic and caring personality, will make your stay an extraordinary experience.


Experience / Qualifications: 35 years old. Born in Nantes (France). This young chef has been working as a pastry chef all over the world, either in luxury resorts (around the Oceanic continent, French Polynesia and Saint Barthelemy), or in luxury expedition cruise ships (South America, Asia, Antartica and Arctic), improving his culinary techniques as well as satisfying his taste for others. Passionate, meticulous, very dedicated to his work, creative and adaptable, he'll know how to combine the exotic flavors of the typical Caribbean dishes to the art of French cuisine, furthermore matching your daily cruise. As a pastry chef, he'll also please you every day with awesome desserts and help you celebrate special events such as birthdays or anniversaries. Thanks to his multiple skills, Jérémy will make you feel the heart and spirit of the Caribbean soul !