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Where to Sail in the World to Discover the Best Maritime History

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History lovers around the world will spend this week celebrating all things nautical for the annual ‘World Maritime Day’, held this year on September 27. So when planning your next sailing vacation, why not factor a bit of education into your itinerary and visit one of the best global maritime history destinations?

Where to sail in the world to discover the best maritime history?

Around 70% of our beautiful planet is covered in H2O – so it makes sense that some of the most momentous historical incidences have taken place on water! But with so many places to choose from, you might be stuck to know which are the most nautically significant. To help you, we’ve pulled together our top picks for where to sail to unearth the most intriguing maritime history of the world.

Look-out like Nelson in Antigua

When it comes to maritime history, one of the most notable individuals has to be Lord Horatio Nelson, British Royal Navy Vice Admiral and Hero of the Battle of Trafalgar.

But before he took his final breaths on-board HMS Victory, Nelson was based in the Caribbean where he was tasked with monitoring French naval activity and protecting the island’s trade infrastructures.

Sail Antigua and visit the famous namesake Nelson’s Dockyard, built in the early 1700s as a lookout point to the Atlantic Ocean and, due to its shielded coastline, acts as a safe haven for ships during storms.

Discover the birth of the New World in the Bahamas

Many still believe that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas but they would, in fact, be wrong! However, that’s not to say he didn’t play a significant role in the discovery of ‘The New World’!

In 1492, it was particularly difficult to get to Asia from Europe due to having to cross various countries, tackling difficult terrain and encountering hostile enemy lines.

In an attempt to overcome this, Columbus decided he would sail west rather than east with the end goal being that he arrived, unscathed, in Asia. However, instead of landing in Asia, he discovered the Bahamas!

This was the start of a fruitful relationship, as this little group of islands, and all Caribbean islands discovered thereafter, would lay in the path of what are now referred to as the ‘trade winds’, making a sailing vacation to the Bahamas an experience you’ll never forget – and one you should visit to fully uncover more of this particular maritime history.

Experience the discoveries of Captain Cook while sailing the Pacific

Sail the Pacific Ocean and follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook as he discovered, amongst other islands, New Caledonia and Tahiti – where the very first Transit of Venus was witnessed.

As well as discovering these amazing islands which provide excellent sailing conditions, Cook was the first person to circumnavigate around New Zealand. It was on his return journey from here that he discovered New Caledonia, the Easter Islands and the Friendly Islands.

Cook was murdered on Hawaii in 1779 after a 12 year sailing expedition around the Pacific. His legacy however lives on, and his adventure contributed hugely to the sailing world’s understanding of navigational mapping and measurement at that time. Sail the South Pacific to discover more about this important part of our global maritime history.

Spice up your sailing in The Mediterranean

Sail part of the historic Spice Route on a yacht charter vacation in the Mediterranean. The maritime version of the Silk Route, the trade of spices around the globe along the Spice Route go back as far as the Antiquities and are one of the world’s most important economic staples.

Thanks to the introduction of new navigational tools that allowed traders to distinguish specific destinations with latitude and longitude, access to these cooking staples became much easier and were a pivotal part of the worldwide trading infrastructure.

Explore the birthplace of a continental captain in Corsica

Sail Corsica and visit Ajaccio, the birthplace of French First Emperor, Napoléon Bonaparte. Largely regarded as one of the greatest military leaders of all time, Napoléon rose to fame during the French Revolution and was the man at the head of the defeated French army during the Battle of Waterloo.

While Napoléon was predominantly based on land, his impact on global maritime history was strong. In an attempt to retaliate at his loss, Napoléon was determined to destroy Britain, and imposed what was referred to as the ‘Continental Blockade’ to try and stop all trades between Britain and Europe.

Sadly for Napoléon, the British retaliated by impeding ALL worldwide trade entering Europe by sea.

Everywhere you want to sail™

Wherever you want to sail, we can help! With +800 yachts in +40 locations, arranging your dream yacht vacation couldn’t be easier. From sailing Belize to by the cabin routes in Guadeloupe and the Seychelles, our fleet of monohulls and catamarans offer a whole range of awesome places for you to choose from, no matter what your sailing experience. Wherever you choose to sail, rest assured you’ll get to discover some of the most intriguing maritime history of the world.

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