Couple relaxing on the Power Cat Maestro 37

Chartering A Power Catamaran With Dream Yacht Charter

19th Jul 2017

Back in May we announced the exciting addition of power catamarans to our fleet, starting with initial availability in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, La Paz, and the Bahamas.  But what do these FP Maestro 37ft yachts offer in terms of pros? We’ve put together the key benefits of how power catamarans offer a … Continued

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American Flag blowing in the wind off the stern of the boat

Annapolis Memorial Day Happenings

16th May 2017

As Memorial Day approaches, you are probably wondering what kind of events in Annapolis you should attend. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorite events that are great for all ages. Naval Academy Commissioning Week (5.19) To kick things off, the week before the holiday is the Naval Academy’s graduation week which includes … Continued

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thomas point shoal lighthouse near annapolis

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

07th Apr 2017

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has been called a “national treasure” by some on TripAdvisor and we couldn’t agree more with that statement. The CBMM has been around since 1965 and hasn’t lost its touch with bringing in visitors of all ages to explore it’s floating fleet of historic boats and twelve exhibition buildings, detailing everything in Annapolis … Continued

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boats docked at sunset

The Wildlife of Chesapeake Bay

25th Mar 2017

Diverse and dynamic, varied and vivid, engaging and enjoyable; the wonderful wildlife of Chesapeake Bay, and the natural environment within which it flourishes, is truly a pleasure to behold. Indeed, what better way to both see and engage with nature than to become a part of it, to immerse yourself within it, and to achieve … Continued

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Chesapeake Bay docks and bridge by beach

4 Must-Do Spring Activities in the Chesapeake Region

06th Mar 2017

Spring is right around the corner.After a winter of hibernation, here are the best ways to enjoy the season on and around the Chesapeake Bay. From bird watching, to chartering a yacht, to wine tours, spring offers something for everyone. 1. Bird Watching Winter and spring are the best times for bird watching along the … Continued

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boat in the water at sunset with filter

A Quick Look at La Paz

18th Dec 2016

Peace be with you – La Paz translates directly to “peace,” and it’s no wonder why – this place is as gorgeously tranquil as they come. A welcoming desert climate offers something unique to travelers, much as it delighted Hernan Cortez, Jesuit missionaries of old, and finally those who settled the area permanently in 1811. … Continued

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old town annapolis at sunset

Annapolis Bites: Hot Spots for A Hungry (And Thirsty) Sailor

02nd Dec 2016

So you’ve booked your Annapolis charter experience. You arrive in Annapolis with your bags full and your stomaches empty. You make your way down to the harbor and can’t seem to figure out what you want to eat and drink. Do you go for one of Annapolis famous crab dishes or something else? The downtown … Continued

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christmas lights reflecting on the water in annapolis

Holiday Happenings in Annapolis

18th Nov 2016

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas coming up next month, it’s important you get your dose of holiday cheer between gift shopping and preparing for visiting in-laws. Some people prefer to hit the eggnog while others like to get involved in holiday events. Annapolis may be closed as a charter destination during the … Continued

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brazil beach screenshot

Brazil: More Than Just the Olympics

18th Oct 2016

As the latest host of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Brazil has been in the spotlight for some time now. However, sailing isn’t about being in the spotlight. It’s about going off the beaten path to find something all your own. Luckily, Brazil’s long and luscious coastline offers plenty of opportunities for just that. Doesn’t … Continued

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rock formation in la paz

Explore La Paz and the Sea of Cortez

29th May 2016

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, has become a popular travel destination. It is possible to visit the major cities and hiking destinations while also visiting remote and beautiful anchorages in the Sea of Cortez. Exploring La Paz by boat will make for an unforgettable vacation. There is a reason why La Paz was named … Continued

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