4 Must-Do Spring Activities in the Chesapeake Region

06th Mar 2017
Chesapeake Bay docks and bridge by beach

Spring is right around the corner.After a winter of hibernation, here are the best ways to enjoy the season on and around the Chesapeake Bay. From bird watching, to chartering a yacht, to wine tours, spring offers something for everyone.

1. Bird Watching
Winter and spring are the best times for bird watching along the Chesapeake Bay. The already robust variety of birds in the area is supplemented over the winter by snowbirds visiting from further north in the US and Canada. The light foliage in the spring makes it easier to see birds while the warmer weather makes it easier to get out and about to prime viewing areas.

Bald eagles nest over the winter and lay eggs between January and March. Eggs typically hatch 5 to 6 weeks later. Look for bald eagle nests at the top of mature trees, near areas with dense fish populations. Their nests are made from large sticks and are distinctively massive, weighing up to 2 tons. It is important not to disturb nesting bald eagles so stay a safe distance away and keep noise to a minimum. Adults and children of all ages will be mesmerized by these majestic birds. You may also spot them soaring overhead, searching for the next meal for themselves and their hatchlings.

Other winter visitors include Canadian geese, tundra swans, and snow geese. In shallower water, look for teal and mallards feeding. Herons and kingfishers are likely to be spotted along secluded waterways and lakes. Woodpeckers, warblers, thrushes, and nut hatchers like wooded areas. They can be seen from the water or along walking trails in the Chesapeake area.

2. Fishing
There is nothing quite as relaxing as fishing the lakes and waterways in the Chesapeake area. The Chesapeake offers a broad range of options from fishing from shore or aboard a kayak or yacht. The fishing will be even better thanks to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In January, they began stocking Maryland lakes and streams with around 338,000 brown, golden and rainbow trout. The fish from the state’s hatcheries are being gradually released from January through June, in preparation for the 2017 fishing season. For more information on fishing and how to get a fishing license, check out this handy guide from the State of Maryland.

3. Wineries
Check out Maryland’s thriving wine industries by touring some of the local wineries. The area is beautiful in the spring with wildflowers and grapevines beginning to burst with life. There are ten different wineries to tour and a number of events you can catch during your visit. Upcoming events include a Spring Oyster Crawl in April and art and artisan shows in June.

4. Yacht Charters
One of the best ways to see the wonders of the Chesapeake Bay is by the water. Annapolis Bay Charters provide the opportunity to explore the waterways at your own pace. The yachts provide fully-equipped kitchens, ready for family fun or entertaining. The Chesapeake Bay offers great sailing conditions, making it an easy option, even for less experienced sailors.

Many of the area’s most exciting attractions are best seen from the water. Historic cities, museums, and restaurants surround the Chesapeake Bay. History buffs will enjoy the insights into US history from the original Native American tribes, through colonial times, the civil war, and industrial development. Nature lovers will appreciate the diverse wildlife and lush vegetation along the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. Numerous protected areas and parks provide endless opportunities to explore or simply sit back and enjoy the sun and waves.