bavaria monohull

Bavaria Monohull Sailboats

What do an Americas Cup yacht and a Bavaria sailing yacht have in common? Both were designed by the famous Farr Yacht Design in Annapolis. Why do Bavaria monohulls have such an impressive design and are safe and fast on the water to boot?

It is because they embody all the knowledge of the nautical architects of Insenaval SL, builders of numerous mega-yachts. The Virtess line owes the timeless design of its interiors and exteriors to Italian star designer Marco Casali’s agency TOO DESIGN.

The Bavaria Range

Do you simply want to feel good while you spend the most valuable hours of the year on your monohull? Do you have an eye for beautiful yacht design? Are you looking for a sailing yacht with exceptional sailing performance? Are you uncompromising in expecting quality, functionality, efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment on your yacht? Then you have come to the right place – welcome to BAVARIA!

  • Bavaria Cruiser 34
  • Bavaria Cruiser 37
  • Bavaria Cruiser 41
  • Bavaria Cruiser 46
  • Bavaria Cruiser 51

Why Choose a Bavaria Sailing Yacht?

Bavaria Quality

BAVARIA has its own test centre in Marktbreit am Main. This is where every new BAVARIA is researched, tested and tried until the BAVARIA quality assurance team is satisfied with her. Each BAVARIA receives her final quality inspection in the shipyard in a test tank at the end of the production line. All BAVARIA yachts are built according to international standards and are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.


A sporty but safe sailing performance that you would expect from a modern racing yacht – this description is merely part our yachts features. The whole truth is that they are extremely fast cruising yachts with exceptionally large space below deck.

Sailing Performance

The BAVARIA product managers collaborated with designers from the US company Farr Yacht Design to develop an extremely powerful sail plan and an optimal arrangement of all fittings and trimming options for our monohulls. The genoa tracks for the sheet block positions of the headsail are mounted far inside on the structure in order to ensure the best possible angle to the wind. The sails of our yachts are from Elvström Sails in Denmark and have been specially developed to meet BAVARIA’s exacting requirements.

Hull Strength

There are significant forces acting on the hull of a sailing yacht – and these have to be captured and redirected. In collaboration with specialists from Farr Yacht Design, BAVARIA’s design and production team work out an individual load profile for every yacht, from which they later derive laminate plans and reinforcements. The focus is on a stable bulkhead, which also manages the forces acting. Precisely fitted into the hull to the nearest millimetre, it is securely glued to the hull across a large area. Particularly strong keel bolts ensure a force-fit to the keel – twice as many as is usual in yacht construction.

If you would like to discuss owning a Bavaria Monohull Sailboat please contact our sales team.