The Grenada Chocolate Company’s Organic Goodies

10th Nov 2016
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The Company Offers Fair Trade Treats and an Eco-Friendly Mission

Covered in dense rainforest and peppered with Trinitario cocoa plants, Grenada is the perfect spot to produce the world’s best chocolate. Grenada Chocolate Company founders Mott Green, Doug Brown, and Edmond Brown decided to go for that goal in 1999.

Their “Tree-to-Bar” chocolate is processed right where the beans are picked, using equipment Mott and Doug made themselves.

These Certified Organic, Fair Trade beans are uniquely rich and flavorful – and also grown without unnatural pesticides or herbicides. A few years ago, they developed a carbon-neutral chocolate bar, the Gru Grococo. It offers the same level of flavor and complexity as the company’s other bars, but does not have a carbon footprint.

The company is also incredibly ethical in respect to its workforce. They fully support their local cocoa growers and employees, and pay them all the same fair wage. Founder Mott Green often said, “It takes a whole village to make a bar of our chocolate.”

Green tragically passed away in 2013, but the company has carried on his legacy beautifully – and deliciously. It has continued toward the original goal – what Mott called “The first carbon-neutral Trans-Atlantic mass chocolate delivery.”

You can find these fine purveyors of chocolate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There’s even a film about the operation called, “Nothing Like Chocolate.”

If you want to sample the chocolate yourself, it can be ordered online or purchased at Whole Foods in Manhattan, as well as other markets across the U.S. and the world.