Our top five Abaco snorkeling spots for an unforgettable vacation

14th Jan 2021

The Abaco island chain is the cruising center of the Bahamas with hundreds of cays, islets and inlets, stretching across 130 miles.

From the colorful colonial architecture at Elbow Cay, to traditional boat building at Man-O-War Cay and delicious conch at Moore’s Island; there’s no denying that a vacation in the Abacos will provide you with so many things to do. But the best thing about this Bahamian island? The snorkeling spots, of course.

No matter whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, make sure you visit these Abaco snorkeling spots on your charter vacation.

1 Discover barracuda and eels at Mermaid Reef
Located north of Marsh Harbour, this protected reef in Great Abaco can be accessed by both land and boat.

Renowned for its crystal clear waters, it has become one of the most popular spots for local divers and vacationers. Home to schools of snappers and moray eels, if you’re lucky, you might also get to discover butterfly fish, trumpetfish and the occasional sea turtle.

This Abaco snorkeling spot offers some of the most colorful sealife in all of the Bahamas.

2 Inspect Pelican Cays Sea Park’s coral reef

Renowned for its shallow reefs, Pelican Cays Sea Park spans 2,100 acres of land and sea and is home to a range of protected sealife including spotted eagle rays, angelfish, sea turtles and more.

If you choose to visit this Abaco snorkeling spot, you’ll also get to discover the 2,000 acre maze of dazzling elkhorn coral reef that lies below the sea.

3 Discover the Abaco Blue Holes

The Abacos is home to several sinkholes that you can go swimming and snorkeling in, during your sailing vacation.

Perhaps the most well-known one is Sawmill Sink, located near Marsh Harbour. There is no other blue hole in the Bahamas that has produced as many good quality fossils as Sawmill Sink. By looking at them closely, you can begin to learn what the Bahamas was like before humans arrived on the islands.

Alternatively, you can visit the Abaco snorkeling spots of Nancy’s Blue Hole, and Far Side Blue Hole. Nancy’s Blue Hole has the largest speleothem columns in all of the Bahamas; and Far Side Blue Hole boasts a backdrop of stunning Bahmian pine forests. In fact, Far Side is also referred to as ‘Magical Blue Hole’ as divers have reported that because the water is so clear, it feels like they’re floating in the air.

4 Swim with stingrays at Manjack Cay

If your dream is to swim with stingrays, then head to the Abaco snorkeling spot of Manjack Cay. The local dive operators have been feeding these stingrays for several years, so they’re very friendly – just make sure you don’t step on them!

If you head from Monjack Cay to Crab Cay and peer into the rocky edges of the cay and at the sunken barges, you’ll get to see hundreds of small fish swimming around.

5 Combine snorkeling with pristine beaches at Guana Cay

Head out 50 feet from Guana Cay’s shore and you’ll discover purple sea fans, fuzzy sea whips and a sprawling mass of coral heads.

Look out for wild dolphins in this top Abaco snorkeling spot, as they’re known for occasionally swimming over to the shores.

When you’ve finished snorkeling, relax on the pristine beach, completely untouched by tourism. This area of the Abacos truly is a small slice of paradise.

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