Sail Puerto Rico to Experience the Vibrant Culture of Food and Music

10th Dec 2019
Experience Puerto Rico's Food and Mucis Culture on a Sailing Vacation

Puerto Rico is the travel gateway to the Spanish Virgin Islands and a must-see sailing destination full of flavor, culture and home to a beautiful archipelago. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, this is a perfect destination for you.

The island and its people are resilient and resourceful and most definitely open for business!

Puerto Rican Intrinsic Food Scene

Puerto Rican Food Flavors
Food is a quintessential part of the Puerto Rican culture. The vibrant flavors of authentic Puerto Rican dishes are a highlight of any trip to the island. Your taste buds will be dancing to the seasonings of pepper, lime rind, cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger, garlic and the juice of the sour orange along with popular herbs like oregano, cilantro, and culantro (known locally as recao).

The late Anthony Bourdain got to experience traditional Puerto Rican cuisine in 2017 on his show Parts Unknown: Puerto Rico, while also getting to explore the island aboard one of our catamarans. From salted cod and avocado salad to blood sausage and lechón asado (whole roasted pig), the flavorful options were endless. The roasted pig, which Bourdain described as a “spiritual experience”, spends six hours on the spit slowly turning to make an incredibly crispy skin while keeping the meat inside juicy and tender. Other must-try staple dishes include fried sweet plantains, chicken sofrito, tostones (savory plantains), arroz con pollo and mofongo.

Puerto Rico’s food scene is being revitalized with the help of some expat chefs returning to the island. Combining their newfound knowledge of Asian, Latin-American and European cuisine while still highlighting creole elements is bringing Puerto Rican cuisine to a whole new level, making it a world-class culinary destination. 

Visit San Juan’s, Viana with Chef Francis Guzman at the helm to try french inspired Puerto Rican cuisine like his sourdough tostadas to his spicy tom kha bacalao to his tagliatelle stuffed with braised rabbit and turmeric. Julia Gonzales is cooking up some delicious bites at Cana in the El San Juan Hotel to nosh on a contemporary spin on traditional Puerto Rican dishes like crudo served with fresh coconut, strawberries and other fruits of the island; arroz con gandules prepared with a flair of Catalan flavor; and churrasco steak with Asian-inspired sides like bok choy and pickled onions. Another must-try restaurant, Hen House, by Chef Pierre-Philippe Saussy has the best fried chicken sandwich on the island. With so many options, no matter where you go your tastebuds with thank you.

Culturally Rich Island with Music at its Center

You’re probably not surprised, but Puerto Rico’s biggest export is its music which has found popularity across the globe. Although a tiny island, many chart-topping musicians like Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Andy Montañezand and Bad Bunny have emerged. Puerto Rican music has evolved and created entire genres of music like salsa, merengue, bomba y plena, reggaeton, and Latin trap. 

On your next sailing vacation to Puerto Rico be sure to check out some top spots to experience live music and dancing on the island. For salsa you must visit “La Plaza del Mercado” in Santurce or “Yerba Buena” in Candado for Big Band and jazz. If hip hop, reggeaton and Latin trap is more your speed, be sure to check out “La Respuesta” in San Juan. On Sundays you can listen to bomba y plena at one of Old San Juan’s greatest kept secrets, “El Callejon de la Tanca”, and on Wednesdays be sure stop in to “Yolo” for bohemia, romantic ballads and more traditional Puerto Rican songs. No matter where you go on the island, you’ll be tapping your feet and dancing the night away to the beautiful sounds of Puerto Rico.  

“The marina is very beautiful and modern. The eastern part of Puerto Rico and the islands are fantastic, especially Culebra and Culebrita (a jewel) but Vieques is a very beautiful island too. We highly recommend the Puerto Rico base.” Philippe, Puerto Rico bareboat charter

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