New for 2018! Sail Your Dream in the Exumas

05th Feb 2018

We’ve just launched our new base in the Exumas, Bahamas, at the Palm Cay Marina in an exciting partnership with Navtours. Take a look at our bareboat fleet and our inspirational itineraries on our destination page.

The marina is less than 30 miles from the start of the Exuma island chain, an archipelago of 365 cays, as well as a protected area of outstanding natural beauty at the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. The Bahamas is within easy reach of the US. You can fly direct with Delta, United and American Airlines to Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS). We can organize the short taxi transfer from the airport to the base for you.

Plotting an itinerary for the Exumas can be a tough task as there are so many beautiful cays to visit, but we’ve shared some must-see islands below.

Allen Cays
This is the first Exumas destination you reach from Nassau and a great place to begin your adventure. Make friends with the native Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas, which are so friendly they will eat out of your hand. Take some grapes with you but be careful as they can grow to quite a size, are nimble on their feet and known to jump.

Highbourne Cay
Check out this region’s stromatolite reefs, some of the oldest living examples on earth. They were discovered in 1983 on the east coast and date back 3.5 billion years or so. Explore the Staghorn and Elkhorn reefs further up the coast if the weather is calm but keep in mind you cannot anchor your dingy near the reefs, as the seabed is unsuitable. The big attraction here is the Octopus Garden Reef at Horseshoe Bay. Take great care not to damage the corals with your motor, anchor or fins. You’ll also find a fully protected marina and yacht club with a grocery store and a very good restaurant.

Warderick Wells Cay
Don’t miss the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park with its seven miles of trails, beautiful beaches, mangroves, sand dunes and corals. This protected area requests that you “take only photographs and leave only footprints”, so the shells and coral stay behind. Its mission is to preserve its fragile ecosystems and habitats for lemon sharks, tropical fish and hawksbill turtles. Take a hike up Boo Boo Hill to see the blowholes and find the 38ft sperm whale skeleton on Powerful Beach. Snorkel one of the coral reefs, where you can tie your dinghy on a mooring and explore the vibrant marine life.

Compass Cay
If you love swimming with marine life, this is the place for you as it is teeming with nurse sharks. Swim with these inquisitive creatures and feed them any fish scraps you might have. If you are heading to Rachel’s Bubble Bath, take care of the sea urchins and wear thick-soled shoes. The seabed and rocks are covered in them and the waves can push you around in this natural whirlpool.

Staniel Cay
James Bond fans can rejoice as Thunderball was filmed at Thunderball Grotto on a nearby islet. You can swim in at low tide and watch the light bouncing off the walls, which is quite a sight. If you want entertainment, swim with the delightful pigs at Big Major Cay opposite the grotto. End the day at the famous Staniel Cay Yacht Club, where sailors gather on the terrace to enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down.

Shroud Cay
Take your time paddle boarding or kayaking through the mangroves that intricately network across the island. You’ll find plenty of marine life to spot as you float on past the lush vegetation. Make sure to visit the blue lagoon and the beautiful beach on the east side too.

Norman’s Cay
Trace the footsteps of a major drug trafficking operation at the hideout of the infamous Carlos Lehder. He built his own runway and turned the island into a major cocaine hub. You can still see the wreck of one of his planes off the coast, which is now a popular snorkeling spot. He became one of the FBI’s most wanted men until they busted the cartel. The island has a new lease of life with MacDuff’s providing a sophisticated restaurant, bar and accommodation experience. All you need to do is moor and grab a bite to eat or a cool cocktail.

Find out more
Relax at our Exumas base at Palm Cay Marina with its five-star facilities, including a beach club, pools, tennis courts, restaurants and free paddle boards and kayaks.

We also have a base in Marsh Harbour too if you want to explore the Abacos island chain. Talk to us about chartering in the Bahamas, request a quick quote, email us at or give us a call at 855.650.8902.