How to Island Hop Around Greece on a Yacht Charter

01st Aug 2017
view of houses stores and the water of windmill Bay Mykonos Greece

Greece, the land of sumptuous olive groves, ancient civilizations and laid back beach life, is made up of thousands of islands, grouped into families with their individual traditions, culture, and landscape. The Greek islands are spread throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas that surround Greece, giving sailors the perfect island hopping yacht charter.

We have eight bases located throughout Greece, including the Cyclades and on Corfu and Lefkas in the Ionian Islands. To help you figure out which set of islands is the best fit for you, we’ve put together a guide so you can plan your dream vacation!

This group of island is the most famous cluster in Greece, known for their archaeological importance. The beautiful white-washed villages are bursting with iconic sugar-cubed houses and blue-domed churches. The islands are known for being mountainous, yet treeless, and are nothing less than enchanting. One of our bases is located in Paros, which is in the center of the Cyclades, the best destination to see the beautiful beaches and ancient architecture. Nearby are Santorini and Mykonos, so these islands are the perfect destination to begin to your island hopping adventure.

Located between the Cyclades and the coast of Turkey, the villages within these islands are lined with medieval architecture, giving it a different style and vibe than the Cyclades. These islands are often less busy than some of the others, so the beaches can be peaceful and relaxing. If you love scuba diving then head over to Kalymnos’ interlinked caves and plentiful marine life.We have bases in both Rhodes and Kos, which are the most popular Dodecanese Islands and the amazing scenery will leave you speechless.

Indulge into the rich heritage, lush vegetation and mountainous terrain of these beautiful islands on the western coastline of Greece. Act like a  local as you stop-off on your charter by trying the local food, enjoy the watersports and experience the culture with some sightseeing. Find the beautiful beaches in Kefalonia that inspired Captain Corelli’s Mandolin or indulge in the party atmosphere in Zante. The deep blue waters and tall mountains are an amazing background for your vacation photos. We have bases in both Corfu and Lefkada, which are the perfect spots to see all the Ionian islands have to offer.

These islands are located in the northwest Aegean and Skiathos is probably the best known island in the family. The islands are characterized by their rocky landscapes, dense vegetation and pure blue seas. Movie fans, will recognise Skopelos as the filming location of Mamma Mia, so feel free to sing-along to Abba as you sail on by. Our base is in Skiathos, where you can start ashore with walking trails through the forests or enjoy spending your time sailing and swimming in the water.

Northern Aegean
This archipelago consists of seven islands off the coast of Asia Minor which are quite a distance apart and include Chios and Samos. Their remote location close to Turkey mean they are not as popular as the others but they are still as beautiful. Limnos and Thassos are hidden gems while Lesbos is so big you could explore it for the whole of your trip.

For advice on which group of islands will entertain your crew, give our team a call at (866) 469-0912 or email us.