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Why Everyone Should Do A Solo Vacation

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Solo vacations – why you need one & how to plan yours

Booking a solo vacation can feel daunting, but if planned correctly, it can be one of the most liberating and enjoyable experiences ever. We firmly believe everyone should do some solo traveling at some point in their lives, and we’ve written this article to help you make your solo vacation dreams a reality. 

Whether you need help planning, want to learn about the benefits, or find some inspiration for your next solo vacation, read on! 

woman on beach solo vacation

Solo Vacations: What Are the Benefits?  

Most people who’ve traveled alone or booked a solo vacation swear by it, and there are many reasons why:

Choose and plan your vacation without compromise 

Planning a vacation with a group of people can be stressful, and there’s almost always a compromise to make. Whether you’re a hiker, an adventurous foodie, or a 5-star resort kind of traveler, booking a solo vacation allows you to tick every box without sacrificing your precious vacation time to meet the needs of your travel partners.

Meet new people

Traveling solo may seem like one of the most introverted things you can do, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Traveling alone encourages you to come out of your shell and meet new people, whether it be locals or fellow tourists. Many solo travelers make friends for life on their vacations. 

woman hiking by sea on solo vacation

Spend your vacation however you like 

Wake up at 2am for a sunrise hike, visit a local dive bar and have the night of your life, sample the weirdest, most wonderful local delicacies. A solo vacation is exactly what you make it, with infinite room for spontaneity. 

It’s a journey of self discovery

You’ll get to know yourself a lot better when you book a solo vacation. With every decision being completely up to you, you’ll learn about what truly makes you happy and what you feel comfortable doing. 

Why You Should Consider a Solo Sailing Vacation

If you love the idea of solo traveling but aren’t sure how to go about it, a sailing vacation makes one of the best solo vacations. Here’s why: 

tahiti woman on solo sailing vacation

Unpack once – explore lots of destinations 

No one likes the idea of booking multiple hotels for one trip, or hauling luggage around from city to city – especially on a solo vacation. Booking a solo sailing trip means you can explore multiple towns, villages, islands, and even countries, right from your yacht – without ever having to pack your suitcase twice. 

See destinations from the best vantage point

In almost every vacation destination, you’ll find tourists flocking to the water, whether it’s a beach, marina, or waterside restaurant. Guests will also typically pay a huge supplement for a hotel room with a sea view. With a yacht charter, you can not only enjoy the best sea views, but see destinations from the most attractive vantage point – the best of both worlds! 

Escape the crowds and see places only accessible by boat 

If you’re booking a solo vacation to simply ‘get away from it all’, then you’ll love the freedom and exclusivity of sailing aboard a liveaboard yacht. You’ll be able to explore places accessible only by boat, meaning fewer crowds and serene, untouched landscapes. 

Direct access to the sea – swim, snorkel and fish

A water lover’s dream, booking a private yacht allows you to swim, snorkel, and fish, whenever and wherever you like. You’ll be able to access uncrowded places for an even more special experience. 

woman snorkeling on solo vacation

Adventure in the safety of having an experienced crew to look after you

Booking a yacht charter with a crew for your solo sailing vacation gives you the best of both worlds – enjoy the serenity of a solo vacation with an experienced local crew tending to your needs. And when you book only a cabin aboard a yacht it can be surprisingly affordable

Best Sailing Options for Solo Travelers 

With Dream Yacht Charter, your sailing trip is customizable with many options for both experiences and non-sailors, but our Cabin Cruises and Sail Share options are some of the best solo vacation options we offer: 

Cabin cruises 

Cabin cruises are a fantastic option for solo vacationers who want to relax and unwind on their sailing trip. With a cabin cruise, you’ll book a private room and bathroom on a large catamaran, but share the common areas of the boat and meal times with other travelers. A Cabin cruise will be perfect for you if you’re looking for: 

  • Easy to plan. Our cabin cruises have set itineraries – ideal for the traveler who likes to have everything planned for them. 
  • Nearly all-inclusive. You’ll be looked after by a captain and hostess, and enjoy prepared meals on a full board basis. 
  • Double cabin and private bathroom on a large catamaran. Our large catamarans have very generous communal areas. You’ll have your own double cabin and private to yourself, giving you plenty of space to relax. 
  • Choose from world-class destinations. Explore some of the most exclusive and beautiful places in the world and enjoy as everything is planned out for you. 
  • Access to water sports. Our cabin cruises include water sports equipment like SUP and snorkeling, to enjoy directly from your yacht.
monohull solo sailing vacation

Sail Share island-hopping adventure

Our Sail Share options are the ultimate choice for adventurous and active travelers who want to experience some lively sailing on a monohull yacht. You’ll enjoy a private room and bathroom, and some meal times with fellow travelers, but with plenty of opportunities to explore. A Sail Share island hopping adventure is perfect for you if you’re looking for: 

  • Stunning Mediterranean destinations. Explore hidden gems as you hop across some of Europe’s most beautiful islands. Soak up the sun on some of the best Mediterranean beaches or quench your thirst for culture by visiting UNESCO world heritage sites. 
  • An active holiday with more socializing and adventure. With Sail Share, you’ll do a lot of sailing and socializing as you hop from one island to the next. 
  • Half board dining. Sample local delicacies and enjoy time to explore and socialize in the evening. 
  • Captain and hostess. You’ll have a captain and hostess to look after you, so you don’t need to know anything about sailing! 

Start planning your solo sailing vacation

From Cabin cruises to adventurous Sail Share charters we have something for every kind of solo traveler. Check our Cabin voyage options and choose the type of yacht charter that ticks all your boxes. 

We make it easy to plan and book a solo sailing vacation – no experience required. We can’t wait to help you plan your dream solo sailing adventure. Get in touch with us today!

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