Best snorkeling spots in the Mediterranean

13th Feb 2020
man snorkeling underwater in Mediterranean

A sailing vacation is without a doubt the best way to enjoy the many incredible Mediterranean snorkeling opportunities to be found throughout Greece, Croatia, Sardinia, Sicily, Naples and the Balearic Islands, Spain. Escape the crowded shorelines and discover the delights of less-traveled islands, anchorages and harbors. Just navigate to your chosen spot and dive into your newfound private underwater playground.

  1. Maddalena Archipelago National Park, Sardinia, Italy – Sail From Sardinia

When in Sardinia, a boat trip to Maddalena Archipelago National Park is a must, especially for snorkelers. Located just off the northern coast, this rocky low-lying collection of islands and islets looks otherworldly against the vivid azure water. Of the many islands in the archipelago, most have spectacular snorkeling. Yet the coves of the “Lower Trinity” – Punta Tegge, Spalmatore and Cala Francese – are particularly recommended. The beaches and water color here are unequalled.

  1. Cabrera Archipelago National Park, Spain  – Sail from Palma de Mallorca

Cabrera Archipelago National Park is just six miles off the southern coast of Mallorca. It features one of the best-preserved snorkeling spots on the coast, so the marine life found here is exceptional. Snorkel along the coastline among rock formations, caves and small bays – free from crowds and busy beaches. But be aware that a visit to this special natural environment must be booked in advance.

  1. Foki Beach, Kefalonia, Greece  – Sail from Lefkas

Many seasoned locals will tell you that Foki Beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in the Mediterranean. The beach here is surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of forested hillsides and cliffs that create a natural protected cove. The sheltered area makes for excellent snorkeling in calm waters with an abundance of marine life. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal! 

  1. Ustica, Sicily, Italy – Sail from Portorosa

The small island of Ustica takes a little extra travel to reach by boat, but the unmatched natural coastlines make it worth the trip. Snorkeling is particularly wonderful within the Marine Protected Area, where underwater visibility is spectacular, and the marine life is abundant. You can get up-close sightings of grouper, sea bream and some of the best Mediterranean marine fauna.

  1. Pakleni Islands, Croatia – Sail from Split

Many travelers to Croatia include a trip to popular Hvar Island on their itinerary. After experiencing the world-class restaurants and nightlife on Hvar, take a 20-minute cruise over to the beautiful and peaceful Pakleni Islands. Incredible visibility and lovely uncrowded beaches make the area one of the best places to snorkel the Mediterranean Sea. Experienced scuba divers can explore the nearby underwater cave at Ujedinjeno Gasko.

  1. Sveta Marija, Mljet, Croatia  – Sail from Dubrovnik

Sveta Marija is a tiny island found in Mljet National Park, just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik. The area here is protected so the waters are pristine, and you’ll find an abundance of natural life including fish and many other sea creatures. As a bonus,the above-water view couldn’t be more picturesque, with a towering 12th century Benedictine monastery tucked in among the stunning natural landscape.

  1. Makarska Beach, Croatia – Sail from Split

Makarska Beach is one of the few on our Mediterranean snorkeling list that you can reach by land. Here, the rocky coastline ensures clear waters with high visibility, and underwater fresh springs have created a unique marine environment laden with coral and plants – one of the most notable being the Golden Sponge. Octopuses and seahorses can also be sighted, often found tucked in between rock formations.

  1. Sa Dragonera, Mallorca, Spain – Sail from Palma de Mallorca

Sa Dragonera nature park is located just off the west coast of Mallorca near Port d‘Andratx, making it an easy trip by boat. A colorful underwater world swarming with barracuda, bream and monkfish awaits you. Much of the action can be found near the surface making this Mediteranean snorkeling adventure perfect for the whole family. Be sure to explore on land a bit to discover the many different types of lizards who inspired the islands name.

  1. Agiofili Beach, Vassiliki, Greece – Sail from Lefkas

Unlike many of the pebbled beaches of Greece, at Agiofili Beach you’ll find soft white sands. The steep white stone cliffs on either side make this beach feel secluded, although it’s quite popular in season. Bring your own snorkeling equipment and dive into the crystal clear water. Among the rocky outcroppings, just off shore, you’ll find delightful fish and marine creatures.

  1. Afionas, Corfu, Greece  – Sail from Corfu

The narrow land bridge here has a beach on either side, one facing the bay and one facing the sea. The side facing the sea offers the best snorkeling opportunities. Arrive by boat, or walk down the beach away from the sunbathing crowds to the secluded cove below. You’ll find an underwater paradise of colorful coral and interesting rock formations to explore, as well as an abundance of fish and other marine life.

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