We work with many of the world’s leading manufacturers to help you find the perfect yacht for your charter management program.


Bavaria Yacht Charter Management

Bavaria Monohull Yachts

Bavaria monohull yachts offer sporty performance, uncompromising functionality, and state-of-the-art equipment, beautifully executed with masterful German engineering. Bavaria yachts are globally respected for robust construction, and an outstanding value achieved by the shipyard’s highly efficient manufacturing process. The designs are rigorously researched and tested and to the highest possible standard.


Beneteau Yacht Charter Management

Beneteau Monohull Yachts

Beneteau yachts are built on the experience of more than 130 years at sea. Beneteau’s ultra-modern Oceanis range delivers the latest innovations in a practical, elegant and, above all, seaworthy boats that provide years of enjoyment. You’re getting a boat designed and manufactured by one of the longest standing, passionate, and successful boatyards in the world.


Dufour Yacht Charter ManagementDufour Monohull Yachts

For over 50 years Dufour yachts have embodied the pioneering, adventurous spirit of sailing. With a perpetual mission to continually enhance the onboard experience, Dufour enjoys a highly respected reputation among sailors around the world. From the Grand Large Range to the Exclusive Range, Dufour yachts are known for outstanding sailing performance, sleek styling, innovative comfort features and high-quality finish.


Jeanneau Yachts Charter ManagementJeanneau Monohull Yachts

“Create New Adventures..” it’s an exciting way to live and captures perfectly a design philosophy refined over 50 years of experience at Jeanneau. Constantly re-visioning life on board, the Jeanneau team fears no boundaries in the pursuit of improving comfort, performance and functionality at sea. Crisp handling and a good turn of speed make any Jeanneau a joy to sail and a new adventure on every outing.


Sailing Catamarans

Bali Catamarans Charter ManagementBali Catamarans

Bali catamarans are for sailors and their families who yearn for open and abundant living spaces with comfortable accommodations and the security of safety at sea. Bali’s innovative ideas have defied convention to create an entirely new cruising catamaran experience, with a previously unimagined “Open Sailing” layout. A division of the famous Catana Shipyard, Bali Catamarans are designed to meet time tested engineering standards and constructed using techniques and materials refined and proven over years of experience.


Catana Catamarans Charter ManagementCatana Catamarans

Catana catamarans offer more than just speed. Few catamaran builders can match Catana’s cruising boat designs that simultaneously deliver innovation, speed, and luxury without compromising seafaring characteristics. But with each new model, Catana brings together the three elements it holds dear: Performance, Safety and ultimate Comfort. This objective is evident in the unique boats that Catana brings to cruising. Its pedigree speaks for itself. Catana has built more than 650 models over the last 30+ years.


Foutnaine Pajot Catamarans Charter ManagementFountaine Pajot Catamarans

Founded in 1976, Fountaine Pajot boatyard launched its first sail cruising catamaran in 1983 followed by the first power cruising catamaran in 1998. Today, it is one of the top boat builders in France delivering renowned vessel and winning accolades for its flair and know-how. Fountaine Pajot catamarans are beautiful, reliable, and comfortable offering a tremendous value. Outstanding customer support contributes to a loyal base of customers who enjoy strong resale value in the secondary market.


Lagoon Catamarans Charter ManagementLagoon Catamarans

The key strengths of Lagoon Catamarans are the guiding principles behind the brand: good design, high-quality construction, and above average performance. Unrivalled experience allows years of research to go into the construction of each yacht, ensuring unparalleled performance and comfort, even when fully laden, and a clean cut through the water with an identical flow rate either side. Lagoon Catamarans offer a high-end sailing experience and eye-catching design.


Nautitech Catamarans Charter ManagementNautitech Catamarans

Nautitech Catamarans redefine living space for cruising catamarans, combining the deck and lounge to offer a feeling of space. This feeling of comfort is matched by the other essential attribute to these yachts, speed. The high sailing performance, stability, smoothness and ease of handling all combine to help you enjoy your time on board in the most relaxed and comfortable way.

Power Catamarans

Nautitech Catamarans Charter Management

Nautitech Power Catamarans

Introduced in 2018, Nautitech power catamarans build on the success of their history in sailing catamarans, providing the excellent social and entertaining space alongside the perfect mix of power and efficiency on the water. Nautitech is surely setting a new standard for the power catamaran cruising experience.


Bali Catamarans Charter ManagementBali Power Catamarans

Bali power catamarans are built to offer great practicality for the way sailors want to live and vacation. With large water and diesel tanks, abundant relaxation space, exceptional natural light and fresh air ventilation, Bali power catamarans set new design standards for aesthetics, sense of openness, and panoramic views. Experience luxury under power and self-sufficiency with a Bali power catamaran.


Foutnaine Pajot Catamarans Charter ManagementFountaine Pajot Power Catamarans

Fountaine Pajot launched its first power cruising catamaran in 1998. Today, it is one of the top boat builders in France delivering power catamarans renowned vessels for their high quality and performance. Offering unparalleled safety, including design factors to make the catamaran ‘unsinkable’, Fountaine Pajot yachts provide peace of mind, without any compromise on comfort or power.


Lagoon Catamarans Charter ManagementLagoon Power Catamarans

Built on their reputation for excellence in sailing catamarans, Lagoon power catamarans offer good cruising distance and fuel efficiency in a safe and user-friendly design. Experience total comfort and serenity whether you travel long distance or cruise the coast, all backed up by the guiding principles behind the Lagoon catamarans: good design, high-quality construction, and better-than-average performance.