As varied and diverse as our locations

The Crewed Yacht Program is as varied and diverse as Dream Yacht Charters’ worldwide locations.

With its specialized and custom features, the crewed yacht program can be tailored to meet an owner’s individual requirements. Placing a new yacht into the crewed program provides all the benefits of owning a deluxe sailing yacht minus the expense and challenges of traditional boat ownership.

How Crewed Charter Works

Typically, this program is reserved for large catamarans (over 45 feet). Dream Yacht Charter assigns a captain and crew to pamper charter clients as well as the owners and their guests. If your dream is to be a crewed charter captain, that is a possibility in this flexible program, too!

The professional crew aboard is responsible for maintaining the vessel, ensuring problems are identified early and resolve expediently and preventive maintenance is continually performed. To optimize revenue, these charter management boats can follow the sun into warmer waters to make year-round chartering possible.

Interested in the Crewed Yacht program?

Our yacht brokers are sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners themselves. They can walk you through the selection of your dream boat and an ownership program that best suits your goals and situation.

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