Where is Sri Lanka?

08th Oct 2019

Among adventurous travelers exploring this up-and-coming tropical island playground, there is one question they usually ask, “Where is Sri Lanka located?” If you’re an American, and you know where Sri Lanka is on a map, you’re seemingly one of the few.

Sri Lanka is an independent island nation, found in the Indian Ocean just off the southeastern tip of India. It is considered a part of South Asia, along with India, Nepal, and the Maldives. Only the narrow Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separate India and Sri Lanka. Despite its close ties and proximity to India, Sri Lanka remains remarkably distinctive, partly because of its unique location on the path of maritime trading routes, where it has long been exposed to diverse cultural and religious influences.

A great choice for those seeking a “best kept secret” island destination that ticks all the boxes, Sri Lanka has sparkling unspoiled beaches, unique wildlife experiences, colorful cuisine and a vibrant culture to name just a few highlights. More and more, in-the-know travelers seek out exotic Sri Lanka to discover all of this and more.

How to get to Sri Lanka

While traveling to Sri Lanka may take a bit longer and require more planning, the destination offers such rich rewards. If you’re wondering how to get to Sri Lanka, you’re not alone.

To reach Sri Lanka from the eastern coast of the United States, there are several flight options connecting in Europe. London, Paris, Frankfurt and Rome are all popular choices, all of which have non-stop connections to Sri Lanka. Why not plan a mini-break in one of these European cities too?

When traveling from the US west coast, the most direct flights connect in Asia via Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or Bangkok. From either coast, the flight will likely take more than 20 hours.

The airport in Sri Lanka is the Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), located in the island’s capital city of Colombo. 

Find out more

Expect to hear more about this jewel of the Indian Ocean, as Sri Lanka is topping travel lists as a world-class vacation destination in its own right (Lonely Planet has already named it as a top destination for 2019). Now is the perfect time to visit, while this undiscovered gem is still an uncrowded paradise.

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