Visit Grenada: The Island of Spice

13th Jan 2017
grenada palm tree touching the water

With its unique combination of French and English culture, exotic flowers and rare fruits, a rich history of storytelling, and well-seasoned foods, make it a priority to visit Grenada is known as the “Island of Spice.”

It’s also the gateway to the unspoiled cruising grounds of the Grenadines, where you’ll experience some of the best sailing anywhere in the Caribbean. Sailors of all skill levels will revel in the Windward Islands, with slightly more challenging sailing conditions than the BVI, but still offer short passages and breathtaking scenery.

Whether it’s relaxing on a deserted beach, viewing the island homes of rock stars and royalty, or grilling a lobster on the barbecue, the Grenadines have something for everyone.

Grenada itself has an overwhelming feeling of community and friendliness. There’s an esteemed medical school, several tight-knit towns, and an entrepreneurial spirit with an eco-friendly conscience. This spirit was part of the magic that led to the Grenada Chocolate Company’s success on the island and across the world.

From the moment you dive into the crystal-clear water, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world teeming with brightly colored fish and coral. Bask in warm breezes under soft moonlight. Relive history exploring centuries-old forts. Hike through rainforests and swim among coral reefs, all among some of the friendliest people in the world.

We’ll introduce you to the Island of Spice and plan your ideal cruise through the Grenadines – all we need to know is your dream. We offer bareboat, by the cabin, and fully crewed yachts all year round. With a fleet of 28 boats at our Grenada base, we know there’s a sailing adventure just right for you.