Five Steps to Great Vacation Videos

14th Aug 2016
lights of the town at night

If you are of a certain age, you may have been subjected, at one time or another, to a seemingly endless display of family vacation slides.

The proud vacationer drones on, narrating carousel after carousel of their memories. Wouldn’t it be great to memorialize your vacation in a format that conveyed the joy of your experience and made people smile and laugh? You can do it.

Video is a medium available to all. Websites such as You Tube and Vimeo are online storage facilities for your videos. Presentation of your adventures expands beyond your television and spreads on social media sites such as Facebook. Who knows? Maybe it’ll go viral.

Get the Fundamental Equipment

All you need is a video camera and basic editing software. Many cell phones have video capability. I recommend a GoPro. There are varieties at several price points. This product can be mounted, worn and can go underwater.  You’ll capture angles that an ordinary camera cannot. Check out Tech Radar’s recommendations for the best (free) video editing software.

Capture Everything

While you don’t want to miss your vacation by spending every instant behind a video camera, go ahead and capture those ordinary and unusual moments. Your cockpit breakfast with fresh local produce and the family around the table is one of those real-life moments that stays in your memory, and is a great way to convey your vacation vibe.

Go Where the Action is

Movement, movement, movement. Skip the staged images of the family in front of a monument, restaurant, or palm tree. You want to capture your son jumping off the stern into the crystal clear water. You want your spouse hoisting the sail. You want laughter. You want dad flipping burgers on the BBQ.


Three minutes, that’s it. Longer than that, and you risk losing your audience, even if the audience is just you and your family. Distill the entire week to the best moments and images. The goal is to capture the feel of the vacation and pinpoint the highlights. A great way to do this is to find a song that parallels the mood. Use your editing software to combine images and music.

Post, Share, and Submit

If you are a Facebook user, that’s a perfect place to post your vacation video. Invite family members to share your video. Often times you can submit your video and win prizes. Dream Yacht Charter regularly posts charter guest videos. Guess what? Those under three minutes are the ones that get viewed most. Here are a couple of our favorite Dream Yacht Charter guest videos.

If you share online, be sure to include only those images you are comfortable sharing in public. Assume it will travel.

Have a great time and send us your videos.