Should You Unplug During Vacation?

26th Oct 2016
taking a photo of the sunset

Technology offers amazing benefits, but it can distract us from the present. That’s okay, and sometimes even good – but what about when you’re paying top dollar for an unforgettable present?

Should we still let technology into our lives when we’re on vacation? Whether you’re camping in your backyard or taking a trip to the moon, there will always be people telling you to “unplug.”

“Don’t answer any work calls while you’re on vacation!” they say. As long as your travel companions are comfortable with it, go ahead. You’ll be less stressed afterwards, and fully available for the remainder of the trip.

“Leave only footprints, take only memories!” You’re obviously not going to litter on an unspoiled tropical island, but “taking only memories” is a big risk. Memories fade. They get replaced with more vital information. When it’s time for next year’s trip, you’ll be caught asking yourself, “Did we end up snorkeling last year? I can’t remember.”

Take plenty of memories, but don’t feel bad about taking them in the form of pictures. If you’d rather not bring your phone along on excursions, sit down after each day and write down what happened. You can even piece together a memory book when you get home, matching pictures and tickets with your journal entries.

“You’re not going to look through all those pictures,” they say. “Besides, taking pictures distracts you from the actual experience!” Viewing Bali or the French Riviera exclusively through a camera lens (or the screen on your smartphone) obviously isn’t a good idea.

However, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of places you went, things you want to remember, and most importantly: your travel companions! Anyone can find a photo online of Ibiza, but not everyone has a photo of themselves dancing in the street or looking out at the beautiful waves.

There’s also no doubt that travel apps can help your big relaxing trip go even more smoothly. Looking at your phone to exchange currency or to be certain of the weather is never a bad idea. Safety first, right?

Our best advice on “unplugging” during a trip: everything in moderation.