Two Weeks of Bliss Sailing From Tahiti to Bora Bora

05th Jun 2018
bungalows on the water in Tahiti

Dream customer, Daniel McKinnon, recently blogged about his trip in the South Pacific’s French Polynesia, sailing from Tahiti to Bora Bora on board the Curie. You can read about his adventure in his blog, The Voyage of the Curie: Two weeks of fui and bliss in the South Pacific, although we’ve shared some excerpts and photos for you to enjoy below…

Daniel said: “I’d wanted to visit Polynesia since reading Collapse by Jared Diamond almost a decade ago. I was fascinated by the triangle trade between Pitcairn, Henderson, and Mangareva and wanted to see how the ancient Polynesian seafarers lived in today’s world.”

“Our plan was to wait a few days around Taha’a and Raiatea for the system to emerge, push downwind to Maupiti, and catch the beam back to Huahine when the winds shifted. The plan was risky and could have left us with no other option than continue the voyage to Fiji and beyond, but we all had faith in our captain.”

Taha’a is largely uninhabited and surrounded by one of Polynesia’s picturesque lagoons. Tropical fish are enormously concentrated at in the passes between the lagoon and open ocean.”

“In the water, Maupiti is famous for a feeding station where 10-15 foot Manta Rays congregate to get their fill of zooplankton and other delicious undersea micro creatures.”

“A couple amazing coconut milkshakes powered us back to the boat and on to dinner at Bloody Mary’s, the iconic Bora Bora restaurant. Part-Applebee’s, part Senior Frogs, and part Chez TJ, Bloody Mary’s is definitely a must-visit and the food wasn’t half bad either.”

“In French Polynesia, I was rapidly learning that I had to beg for anyone to take my money. I got the feeling that locals had no interest in riches, enterprise, or entrepreneurship. There is a Tahitian word for this state: fui.”

“In my diving and snorkeling history, I’ve spent far too much time mourning dead or damaged reefs and that in Bora Bora was one of the most vibrant I’ve seen.”

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