5 Tried & True Travel Apps

01st Oct 2016
travel apps photo

The world of travel apps can be overwhelming. Do you really need any at all? It depends on your travel plans, level of experience, and expectations for the trip. The apps in this list are widely used and enjoyed because they genuinely make aspects of travel easier (or more fun!)

City Maps 2Go
Travel the world, downloading unlimited local maps and organizing itinerary information on the go. This app is the traveler’s best friend, and it has been since 2011. Did I say unlimited in-app downloads? Unlimited. In-app. Downloads. Explore and discover new info about your favorite destinations, or get to know somewhere new much faster.

Really? The thing my kid uses to turn my face into a dog? Yes. The app also has geofilters, which put a cute watermark over your photo based on your location. It’s a little more whimsical than your average phone photo, and you can share it with your friends before you even get home.

This app is just what it sounds like. Find resources around you using the app rather than embarking on a good old-fashioned wild goose chase. ATMs, hospitals, gas stations – whatever it is you really need but don’t have time to look for, AroundMe can probably find it for you.

XE Currency
If you’re island hopping, chances are you’ll be using a few different types of currency. This can get confusing at best, and stressful at worst. Since vacation is supposed to be relaxing, use an app like XE Currency to keep track of live exchange rates. It even works when you’re out of cellular range.

Travel can be a great opportunity to unplug, but sometimes you just can’t relax until you send that email or look up what on Earth you have in your calendar next week. This app finds free Wifi hotspots near you, so that you can take care of business and get back to relaxation ASAP.