Five best travel apps to use on your upcoming vacation

01st Oct 2016
travel apps photo

Both before and during your vacation, it’s likely the first place you head for information and inspiration is your smartphone.

From maps that work offline, to tracking live currency rates and recommendations of the best bars, restaurants and sights to see, it’s no wonder we’ve stopped reaching for those heavy guidebooks and dictionaries, in favor of our phones.

But with so many apps out there, it can be hard knowing which ones to download. Here, we take a look at our five best apps to have when traveling, to give you a vacation you’ll never forget – for all the right reasons!

1 Ulmon: City Maps 2Go

Travel the world, downloading unlimited local maps and organizing itinerary information as you go. This app is any traveler’s best friend – has been since 2011, having been downloaded by 20 million travelers worldwide.

No matter where you are in the world, download a map so you can navigate your way around a new city without getting lost – or having to pay an exorbitant amount for data. Get tips on local places, from top attractions to cute cafes, quirky bars and sophisticated restaurants and create your very own itinerary for your chosen destination.

2 AroundMe

This app does exactly what it says it does. Ever found yourself in a foreign city only to realize you need to withdraw some cash, but don’t know where the nearest ATM is? Or you’ve gotten a headache and used up the last of your Advil and need to find a pharmacist urgently?

Download AroundMe and you’ll never be faced with these issues again. From gas stations to bars, hospitals to ATMs, hotels and cinemas, wherever you go, this app can help you to find it. It can be a real lifesaver when you’ve only just arrived in a new place.

 3 XE Currency

If you’re island hopping on your sailing vacation, chances are you’ll be using a few different types of currency. This can get confusing at best and stressful at worst. Since your vacation is supposed to be relaxing, use an app like XE Currency to keep track of live exchange rates.

If you’re planning your vacation in advance, monitor the historical charts of specific currencies to see which time of the year you’re likely to get better deals.

Helping you to get the best deals at all times, we think XE Currency is one of the best travel apps you can have – it even works when you’re out of cellular range.

4 WifiMapper

Traveling can be a great opportunity to unplug, but sometimes you just can’t relax until you send that email, post that image on Instagram, or check your diary for the following week.

That’s why you need to download WifiMapper. Avoid being charged crazy amounts for data and head to the nearest WiFi spot by seeing which nearby cafes, restaurants, shopping centers or other areas offer free WiFi. You can also find out if you need to register, the connection speed, or if their WiFi is limited to a specific amount of time.

5 Trail Wallet

If you’re on vacation, it can be all-too-easy to get caught up in spending without giving any thought towards your budget.

Enter Trail Wallet. Simply input your daily budget and then add in your spending as you go along. You’ll see the areas where you’re spending money the most, whether it be food, drink, transportation or something else; and you’ll also be warned when you go over your budget.

Now you know what the best travel apps are, it’s time to book your next vacation! Take a look at our destinations, or find out more about our sailing vacations. If you have any questions about our charters, get in touch. Alternatively, for more inspiration, head on over to our blog.