Top Secret BVI Anchorages

14th Jun 2016
the baths at virgin gorda in the bvi

The BVI has long been the favored playground in the Caribbean, with protected waters, achingly beautiful scenery, and near-constant trade winds.

“The anchorages are all well-known,” you say? Well, what if I told you about three you probably haven’t been to?

BENURES BAY:  This anchorage on the north east side of Norman Island is both secluded and comfortable in settled weather. The snorkeling close to shore is interesting and teaming with sea life. You will have a nice peaceful night here not interrupted by the rowdy goings on in the Bight.

KEY BAY: On the south side of Peter Island, White Bay is seldom visited, and is a good overnight anchorage. After passing Rogers Point turn northeast to tuck in behind the northwest side of Key Cay to anchor in about 5 feet of sand. Landing is discouraged as the beach is private property, but the anchorage is a very special and quiet place. This is one of my favorite anchorages, purely because so few people come here.

LEE BAY: On Great Camanoe’s western side of the isthmus that divides the northern and southern ends of the island lies Lee Bay. If approaching through Little Camanoe Passage, head northeast and follow the shoreline toward the anchorage at Lee Bay. Do not miss the rock formations ashore to the right as make your turn towards the anchorage. Head in to about 14 feet of water and drop the hook in the sand. It is a safe and comfortable anchorage in normal weather.

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