Three Winter Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

26th Nov 2016
woman sitting on bow of the approaching an island

With the first day of winter approaching within the next month you might be looking to get away from the cold weather. While many people look forward to traveling to Florida during the cold months, why not go above and beyond and travel on a charter? We have compiled a list of three Caribbean destinations that are perfect for beating those winter blues. Remember to check out our Special Offers page for great deals on these and other locations.

First up on the list is Puerto Rico, the newest destination offered through Dream Yacht Charter. One of the northernmost islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is aptly named. “Rico” is Spanish for “rich,” and these islands are known for having natural riches. One of the best features of Puerto Rico is its unspoiled natural beauty. Only two of the 143 islands are populated making this destination the perfect location for ones looking to get away.

So you can’t have a list of Caribbean islands and not include the British Virgin Islands. One of our most popular destinations during the winter months, this group of islands is known for its crystal-clear waters, picture-perfect beaches, scenic anchorages, and well-equipped marinas. The British Virgin Islands are also great for newer sailors who wish to bareboat. Since most of the islands are all line-of-site, the British Virgin Islands are perfect for island hopping.

Finally, we have St. Martin. St. Martin is our second most popular destination after the British Virgin Islands. Chartering here allows you to explore some of the beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean, as well as enjoy spectacular diving and snorkeling on some of the most unspoiled reefs in the world. Besides great snorkeling spots one can expect casual beach bars, live music, and colonial history.