The Power of Sailing is Boosting Creativity for Some of Our Most Well-Known Innovators

09th Aug 2018

Why do some of the world’s finest creatives and innovators head to the sea to relax? The answer is in the neuroscience, which shows a powerful link between the sea and the positive impact it has on our brains.

Marine biologist Wallace J Nichols has written about the science that shows how closeness to water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do in his book, Blue Mind. Rivers, lakes and the sea help us enter a meditative state of relaxation and give our brains a break from overwhelming environments where you are constantly processing information. This break helps you get in touch with the tools needed for creativity and innovation, such as thinking, feeling and social communication.

Pioneers who love sailing
It makes sense then that we are drawn to the ocean and sailing the Grenadines, Tahiti, Croatia and Cuba, with their beautiful archipelagos, get us closer to that Blue Mind connection. Check out our list of some well-known industry pioneers, who have headed to the sea for their vacations…

  • Einstein in the Americas – He may have delivered the General Theory of Relativity, but he was also known for sailing while thinking and often grounding on sandbars in the tidal estuary, Long Island Sound. He was said to love doldrums sailing and meditating while drifting, even though he couldn’t swim.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the South Pacific: The Google founders recognize the benefits of being out on the water and both have yachts in the South Pacific. Their yachts have been spotted in New Zealand and Australia’s Whitsunday Islands.
  • Steven Spielberg in the Bahamas – The hit film pioneer that brought cute aliens, sharks and dinosaurs to our movie screens loves superyachts. He has reportedly sailed the world on his 282ft $200 million yacht, Seven Seas, calling in at his film locations. It’s also been spotted at Cannes in the south of France, although he may be about to make an upgrade after saying his current yacht is too small.
  • Dr Dre in the Bay of Naples – When he isn’t producing some of the greatest music acts of all time or working out how to close serious business deals between Apple and Beats by Dre, he likes to sail in the Mediterranean. He has been spotted regularly off the Amalfi coast on a superyacht chartered at more than $500k per week. Beyoncé and Jay Z have been spotted off Ponza in the Pontine Islands on yacht, Galactica Star.
  • James Dyson in Spain – The inventor who delivered the bagless vacuum cleaner to the world owns one of the largest classic yachts, Nahlin. This 300ft steamer was chartered by King Edward VIII in the Adriatic just before the infamous abdication. Found on the Danube, she was rescued and has been spotted sailing off the coast of Tarragona.
  • David Geffen in the Balearic Islands – Owner of Geffen records, producer, film studio executive and DreamWorks co-founder, has a $200 million yacht he sails in Mallorca, Ibiza and off the Italian coast. The lure of the sea draws his powerful network, including the biggest names in Hollywood, fashion and media.

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