Snorkeling Destination Guide

29th Jan 2017
boy snorkeling through the water exploring coral and plants

One of the most popular activities to do while on any charter is snorkeling. This guide will help you pick out great snorkeling locations during your trip.

Huahine, Tahiti
Huahine in Tahiti always seems to make the internet lists as a world-renowned snorkeling destination. At the lagoon in Avea Beach you can expect extremely crystal clear water and calm currents. The marine life is full of everything from Napoleon fish, sting rays, and even some barracudas. You can also view the Sacred Blue Eels known for their blue colored eyes and their massive length. The barrier reefs in Tahiti provide a habitat for sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, porpoises, colorful unspoiled coral, and countless species of fish, all of which make the Tahitian Leeward Islands arguably one of the world’s best areas for snorkeling.

La Digue in the Seychelles is on our list as a great snorkeling location. La Digue has giant polished rocks and white sand beaches. But it’s what lies beneath the crystal clear water that marvels snorkelers. Well preserved coral formations scatter the area and are home to amazing sea life such as snappers, angelfish, parrotfish and much more. Sea turtles and eagle rays tend to live in the area as well. There are also many coves that you can explore while here as well.

One of the best destinations for snorkeling connoisseurs and amateurs alike is Jost Van Dyke located in the British Virgin Islands. The White Bay area is scattered with patches of beautiful coral within the blue waters. These coral and rock areas are home to squid and sting rays. Watermelon Cay is also another hot spot that is home to starfish, sea turtles, rays and beautiful coral structures. Many people also enjoy snorkeling at The Baths located on Virgin Gorda.