Snap Your Best Vacation Photos

01st Nov 2016
photos - photo of woman with camera

If you’ve traveled before, chances are you’ve compulsively photographed all the famous sites, perhaps featuring your companions standing in a row. It’s just how you take vacation photos: people, places, and things, right?

Right. However, these pictures don’t always capture a true memory, but the memory of lining up and smiling for a second, waiting for the camera to click.

“Looking like you like each other,” isn’t the real point of vacation. You probably scheduled your trip to connect with your travel companions in a beautiful place, to learn more about the world, and to try new foods and meet new people.

Shouldn’t that be what you photograph?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with snapping the group huddled in front of a huge statue or posing by some fun street art – staged photos can still be fun. But also think about candid shots and the memories they’ll bring back.

Maybe your daughter didn’t remember gazing at the huge palm trees when you visited Mauritius. A picture of the moment will always remind her of the awe she experienced.

Your friend would never have seen the hilarious face she made when trying a spicy dish, but you can share it with her by taking a photo.

Traveling with family? Let your (old-enough-to-use-a-camera) kid take control for a bit. Give them a turn with the camera and see what they snap. It’ll give you a glimpse into their little mind and you’ll learn what they’re enjoying about the trip.

These tips might seem like common sense, but keep them in mind next time you get behind the camera. You might think twice about the moments you really want to capture.