Dream Yacht Sabbatical FAQs

What is the difference between a long-term charter and a bareboat yacht charter?
A long-term charter is typically more than one-two months and can also be referred to as a one-way charter.

How long does it take to set up a long-term yacht charter?
We pride ourselves on being quick, but it depends on your requirements and if you are flexible on your destination and  dates.

Where can I sail on a long-term charter?
With over 50+ destinations in some of the world’s finest cruising grounds, it can be hard to choose. Read our guide to long-term yacht charter destinations.

What are the costs of a sabbatical yacht charter?
Costs depend on destination, time of year and type of yacht, plus required duration. Get in touch and we can advise.

What is the typical duration of a long-term charter?

The typical duration for most long-term yacht charters is around two-nine months and often matches the sailing season in the area. For durations of less than five months, we recommend going outside the high season when marinas, anchorages and attractions are less crowded and you can make the most of better availability and lower pricing.

How can we best prepare ourselves for a long-term charter?

You can prepare with the following:

  • Charter a similar boat for a week or two and learn your strengths and weaknesses
  • Sail as often as you can and it’s better to practice on a small, light boat as it gives you more direct feedback
  • Complete World Sailing’s ‘Offshore Safety’ two-day course
  • Take a diesel engine class
  • Take a first aid course
  • Research your destination and talk to us as we know the best online resources

Make sure you are qualified for your intended destination.

Can we invite friends to join us on a long-term charter?
You can invite your friends to join you. While you cannot rent out your yacht while on charter, your friends and family can spend time with you on board. Make sure the number of guests onboard does not exceed the maximum.

Can I rent out cabins/bunks for weekly guests?
You cannot rent out cabins/bunks for weekly guests as our insurance and other policies do not allow this.

What is the ideal age for kids on a long-term charter?
The ideal age to take children on a long-term yacht charter is between ages 4 – 11. Ideally, your kids should be out of diapers and able to swim. Keep in mind that many teenagers do not want to leave their friends and be with their parents for many months! That said, many families happily cruise long-term with children of any age.

Can we bring our pet?

Pets are welcome aboard our yachts, although some yachts with private owners may not allow pets on board. The skipper is responsible for ensuring pets meet all local laws and regulations and are properly declared when clearing in- and out of countries.

We do not provide safety gear for pets and rail netting, as used for children, is highly recommended. There is an increased cleaning fee for sabbaticals with pets on board.

How do I book a long-term yacht charter?

To book a sabbatical yacht charter, get in touch with our team.

Or you can take a look at our one-way special offers.

When is the best time for a long-term yacht charter?
The best time for a long-term yacht charter in the Mediterranean and South Pacific is between April and June, while the best time for a long-term charter in the Caribbean is from mid January to June. September to November is a great time to sail Tahiti and New Caledonia.

Are there any limitations of where I can charter ?

There may be restrictions as a result of:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Crew licensing requirements
  • Civil unrest or war
  • Hazardous navigation conditions

Please discuss your plans with us and let us know if they change.

Can we join the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers)?
You can join the Atlantic Rally for Cruises and we have a limited number of yachts available for this. Special conditions apply, get in touch for more information.