Reasons to Sail St Vincent & The Grenadines

20th Mar 2017
view of the houses up to the water

Sometimes a place is special and you just can’t put your finger on what sets it apart. It might be an underwater cave where the coral remains untouched; it might be that little hole-in-the-wall eatery by the sea where the fish tastes so good; or it might be an impressive volcano silhouetted by the setting sun…. sometimes a place can be worth more than the sum of its parts.

As the ever steady trade winds guide your Caribbean yacht charter, set a course to the south. Here, in the Lesser Antilles you’ll come across the Windward Islands, a series of incredible island nations, of which St Vincent & The Grenadines stands out with its dramatic volcanic landscapes, reef-lined islands, and completely uninhabited islets where snorkeling is unparalleled.

Head out to the Blue Lagoon Marina on St. Vincent’s southern tip, and begin your journey to the Grenadine islands and some of the most exceptional sailing anywhere in the Caribbean.

Bequia, a perfect Caribbean island

There are two things that meet your eye as you sail into Admiralty Bay; a sizable number of yachts, and steep hills swathed in jungle and wildlife. Once docked you’ll find beaches galore, from the golden stretch of sand that that makes Princess Margaret Beach so beautiful to rustic shores lined with fishing boats and protected reefs along Industry Bay. A relaxed vibe accompanies food and drink at the island’s long established eateries (go for the nutmeg ice cream at Gingerbread and don’t miss out on lobster pizza from Mac’s Pizzeria).

La Soufrière, an active volcano

If you want to experience landscapes reminiscent of the Jurassic Period, St Vincent is your ticket. The surrounding, deeply cratered, landscape has been shaped by the lively history of this still-active volcano and the result will leave you feeling like you’ve entered some forgotten part of our planet and you’re an explorer for the National Geographic who just stumbled on something incredible. Of course the region has been well documented and you book from a number of hikes around the parameter.

The Grenadines, 23 uninhabited islands

The nation’s inhabited islands house fantastic harbors, spas, resorts, a vibrant culture full of feasts and great food, but if you want to explore the best the Caribbean has to offer, book a bareboat charter and steer a course along the Grenadines’ many uninhabited islands. Here you’ll find little coves, reefs and underwater caves ripe with fish and coral in stunning technicolor, just as they were meant to be seen. Bring your snorkeling gear, you won’t find a better place to stick your head underwater.

Every one of St Vincent & the Grenadines’ 32 islands is worth exploring, whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa or the unspoiled Caribbean beauty. Book your yacht charter now.