A Quick Look at La Paz

18th Dec 2016
boat in the water at sunset with filter

Peace be with you – La Paz translates directly to “peace,” and it’s no wonder why – this place is as gorgeously tranquil as they come.

A welcoming desert climate offers something unique to travelers, much as it delighted Hernan Cortez, Jesuit missionaries of old, and finally those who settled the area permanently in 1811.

Sailing in the Sea of Cortez is blissful, and a fine opportunity for island hopping. Many of the islands here were formed by ancient undersea volcanoes, ignited by the San Andreas fault.

Such literary giants as John Steinbeck and Scott O’Dell have featured La Paz in their writing. Fishermen delight in the biodiversity of the region, and sailors can’t get enough of the amazing cruising grounds.