Am I Qualified to Bareboat?

25th Nov 2016
bareboat sailing through the water

Your Solo Sailing Questions Answered

If you have sailing experience, an adventurous spirit, and yearn for that live-aboard lifestyle, then a bareboat charter is definitely for you. Bareboating provides the utmost in freedom and privacy – do whatever you want, whenever you want to!

The biggest draw of bareboating is the freedom. You’re free to be yourself with your family or friends while you live it up in paradise. Sample each other’s best dishes, using local ingredients you bought ashore. You can wake, sleep, eat, and play when you feel like it.

However, your sailing ability and knowledge of local waters might not be up to snuff. That’s why most charter companies offer plenty of options and require some preliminary skills.

We usually ask that you have sailing experience on a boat of similar size. It’s also helpful to have at least one crew member of similar experience.

While a bareboat charter certificate is not usually mandatory, safety is always our #1 priority. Even if you’re highly experienced, we recommend that you take the American Sailing Association (ASA) series of courses. Refresh your knowledge on anchoring, navigation, maneuvering a large boat in a tight marina, and other nuances of bareboat chartering.

Of course, bareboating doesn’t always mean being 100% alone. If you’re still unsure of your sailing abilities, or simply want the knowledge of a local skipper, you can hire a professional captain at a daily rate, then continue on your own when you feel comfortable. If you’d rather not cook, hire a chef and have all of your meals prepared for you.

Our goal is simple: we want to make your bareboat charter a pleasant and fun experience, whether you’re new to chartering or you’ve done this a million times. If you have more specific questions about boats, locations, or the general experience, don’t hesitate to contact us.