The Best Features of Our New Website

20th Oct 2016
new website screenshot

Our new website is a thing of beauty. Yes, we’re bragging! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re delighted to finally share it with you in all its streamlined, organized glory. It’s a huge change from our old site, and we wanted to walk you through some of its best attributes.

Detailed Destination Pages
Our new Destination pages have information on all our bases, the gorgeous countries they’re located in, and sample itineraries to inspire you. Flip through a scrapbook of all the places we can take you. As with every page on our new site, the stunning photos will dazzle you.

Quick Quote
This feature is perfect for those who know what they want in a vacation, but simply need a quick estimate of our options and costs. If you’re casually planning a getaway, this feature is for you. Of course, you can still give us a call if you’d prefer to chat about your options over the phone.

Easy-to-Find Special Offers
Looking for a fast deal on a dream cruise? Our new Special Offers page is easier to navigate and more helpful than ever. Browse and book seamlessly with our great new interface.

New Blog
We’ve got all sorts of creative, informative articles with gorgeous pictures for you to browse. Step through itineraries, learn travel tips, and explore the world of sailing. Our dream keeps getting bigger, so there’s always something new to feature.

Simple Contacting
Get help from the pros even faster. Every page features a footer with our contact information, and there’s even a new “Contact” tab in our main menu. We pride ourselves on being incredibly helpful, and launching a new website was the perfect opportunity to reassure you that we’re always here.