Martinique, Shining Jewel of the French Caribbean

31st Mar 2016
matinique shoreline with boats

Discover French culture in the Caribbean for your next vacation; Martinique is one of the shining jewels of the French Caribbean. Upon arrival, you will see lush green mountains rise above the clear ocean waters. The weather in Martinique averages around 79 degrees (F) and you will be kept cooler on a boat with a refreshing ocean breeze so it makes a great getaway December through May.

Martinique is the perfect destination for visitors looking to relax on luscious beaches, absorb the Caribbean history and culture or take advantage of an incredible outdoor playground.

Regardless of the vacation you are looking for, you can find it all by sailing the Martinique coast.

Start your trip at the Dream Yacht Charter base at Le Marin, which is a short ride from the airport. In Le Marin, there are waterfront restaurants, bars, provisioning, and other stores nearby the busy marina. Within a mile walk from town are historic European style buildings and historic landmarks.

Grand Anse d’Arlet is a 15-mile sail from Le Marin and provides a protected anchorage at this popular beach destination. Swim, eat, relax and visit the Galerie Couleurs Locales if you are looking to get more acquainted with Martinique art and culture, it is a short walk away from the beach. Nearby you will sail past the Diamond Rock which rises nearly 600 feet above the sea just offshore of the beach.

Sailing to St. Pierre will bring some more history and beauty. The tranquil seaside city was referred to “the Paris of the Caribbean” before it was completely destroyed in 1902 by a volcanic eruption. There are many historic remains, and a volcanological museum to visit on land, but also many shipwrecks to dive on close to shore. Tours from St. Pierre to the beautiful paradise of Mount Pelee can be arranged easily. There, you can take in a hike with stunning views.

In Fort de France, enter through the bay entrance to the city which was recognized as one of the top 35 most beautiful bays in the world. Be prepared to see plenty of natural wildlife while touring the area. While shore-side, take advantage of the incredible restaurants and stores in the capital city. Spend the night anchored in Anse-Mitan for a bit more seclusion and some good snorkeling waters and crowd-free, beautiful beaches, dotted with seaside bistros.

Explore everything Martinique has to offer or start there and sail to Grenada, St. Lucia, the Grenadines or other Caribbean islands. You will not be disappointed.