Martinique – Your Next Caribbean Getaway

15th Nov 2016
shoreline with houses in martinique

Imagine sailing into a deep blue lagoon, passing more and more boats as you finally reach a port at the end. Welcome to Le Marin, Dream Yacht Charter’s Martinique base – and the ultimate jumping-off point for sailors.

Le Marin is home to supermarkets, chandleries, and restaurants, selling everything you might need to make your charter vacation perfect. It’s only minutes away from the airport, which makes getting there as simple as travel can possibly be. 

Martinique is a stunning destination on its own, but it sits in one of the most visited areas in the world. Go exploring! St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua, and Grenada are all an easy sail from Martinique. 

We have 38 available boats at the Le Marin base, as well as devoted staff members who know just the itinerary for you.

Have you started planning yet?