Five Reasons to Sail the Caribbean in Low Season

27th May 2019

Although most visitors tend to flock there in the winter, the Caribbean is an exquisite place to charter in the summer. We’ve got the scoop on why an off-season Caribbean vacation may just become your best-ever.

One of the best summer Caribbean destinations are the islands of the Grenadines and St. Vincent, known for their warm weather year-round. In the summer, you can discover open anchorages, available moorings and grab a front-row seat at a Caribbean festival.

In this blog we take a look at five reasons why a low season vacation in the Caribbean is a great option. We explain why fewer crowds, weather, fleet availability, flight prices and special events all add up to a vacation that can offer as much as a cruise in the high season.

1. You can escape the crowds
In the low season, there are far fewer visitors and you are more likely to find yourself enjoy a beach all to yourself. Anchorages are less busy so you can take your time arriving at your next destination.

The best snorkel spots, like Mayreau Gardens and Sandy Island on Carriacou Island, are so quiet you will feel as though you were the first to discover them. If you’re patient, you might catch a glimpse of a nurse shark enjoying the warm, shallow waters.

If you want to extend your stay ashore, hotels drop their rates in the off season months. For serious pampering head to the five-star spa on Mustique, where you may find that restaurants and spas offer deals in the low season.

The Caribbean off peak season is from May to December. These months offer toasty temperatures and a lower tourist count. What’s not to love?

2. Enjoy dependable weather
From May until December, the weather in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is very sunny with only brief showers during the day. Being so far south, the islands are very rarely affected by storms and the temperature rarely gets below 65ºF.

Winter can be windy in the Caribbean, with breezes in excess of 20 knots daily. By comparison, winds in the summer are typically 10-15 knots, which means steadier sailing for beginner sailors, those prone to seasickness, or visitors looking to enjoy a skippered yacht charter.

Hurricane season runs between June and November, but luckily St. Vincent and the Grenadines are located “below the belt”, meaning they are less likely to be hit with hurricanes in the low season. The islands’ proximity to the belt, however, does make kitesurfing extra exciting in the summer months with consistent winds. If kitesurfing and watersports are on your list, head to Clifton, Union, where you will find the best winds in the Caribbean from November to July.

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3. Fleet availability
By choosing to charter a yacht for the Caribbean summer season, you will have more boat options to choose from in our St. Vincent and the Grenadines fleet. You are more likely to reserve the boat model you’ve been dreaming of, and we even have special offers up for grabs during the low season.

If you’ve got your ideal itinerary planned out but can’t decide on the yacht type, we’ve even got tips on how to decide between a catamaran and monohull rental for your all inclusive charter.

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4. Flight prices
If you’re still not convinced to charter the Caribbean in the low season, we’re here to tell you that flight prices will plummet to joy-inducing rates between mid-April and December.

Use a price-matching tool like Skyscanner to track your cheapest routes to and from the Caribbean. You’ll get notifications on the best prices, so you won’t have to stress about checking for updates every day. Cheaper flights mean more vacation funds to spend on romantic dinners or family-fun activities that would normally cost an arm and a leg.

By spending less on your flights, you will also be able to enjoy an extended vacation package, with plenty of time to island-hop some of our favorite spots like Macaroni Beach and the Tobago Cays.

5. Special events
Last but not least, you can make the most of some very special events in the Caribbean off season calendar and we explore some below.

  • Vincy Mas:

The annual Vincy Mas carnival is the biggest holiday in St. Vincent, held between June 28 and July 9. The festival includes musical performances and feasts of fresh food. The Canouan Regatta in May and June is a festival of boat races, sports and games, calypso competitions and beauty pageants all wrapped up into one dazzling event.

  • Bequia Fisherman’s Day Competition:

This event is a challenge for the local fishermen to find the biggest catch by weight, and spectators get to treat themselves to some of the crazy-good barbecue and baked fish lunches prepared by locals.

  • Breadfruit Festival:

The Breadfruit Festival takes place every August and celebrates St. Vincent & The Grenadines’ 25 species of breadfruit, an important source of wood, craft materials and medicines. In the 18th century, breadfruit provided nourishment to plantation workers, as it was a cheap and also helped heal cuts, scratches and skin diseases.

Today, Union Island Maroon festival is held each May around the full moon, marking the island’s planting season with dance and folk music performances.

Find out more
There are so many sailing opportunities in the Caribbean in low season. We offer bareboat and skippered charters from our base at the Blue Lagoon Marina. For more inspiration on your Caribbean summer vacation, get in touch with us today.