Explore La Paz and the Sea of Cortez

29th May 2016
rock formation in la paz

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, has become a popular travel destination. It is possible to visit the major cities and hiking destinations while also visiting remote and beautiful anchorages in the Sea of Cortez. Exploring La Paz by boat will make for an unforgettable vacation.

There is a reason why La Paz was named for being the city of peace in the Spanish language. Here the Sea of Cortez and the mountains meet to form a slice of paradise, with beaches, beautiful cities, incredible desert landscapes, and culture.

The Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) was once referred to as “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, because of the wide variety of marine life found in calm bays and unspoiled offshore islands.

We agree, and think La Paz is a destination best explored by boat so that you do not miss out on the swimming, snorkeling, fishing, wildlife, beautiful anchorages, and shore-side adventures – all based from the comfort of your floating home base.

Start the adventure at our base in the Costa Baja Resort. Only a short sail away is the popular anchorage Ensenada Grande on the West side of Isla Partida. There you can dinghy to shore and enjoy hiking the arroyos, or snorkeling the picturesque turquoise water along white sand beaches and rocky shoreline.

While stopped off at Isla Partida, it is a treat to make a day trip to Los Islotes, where the National Park office has installed mooring buoys for use by dinghies. Visit El Bajito if you are interested in diving. A variety of tropical fish will greet you under water there.

To finish the day, sail to San Evaristo, a quiet fishing village in a protected anchorage. There, fishermen and their families live on the beach and off the grid and you should have no trouble getting your hands on fresh fish to bring back to your boat.Sail to the popular anchorage of Isla San Francisco and try not to get too distracted by the scenery colors of white sand beaches, red-rocky cliffs and crystal blue water.

We could suggest an itinerary for you, but it is likely that you will meet some new cruising friends and make some plans together to explore the island or lounge on the beach. Take a day trip to Isla San Jose, to the anchorage at Amortajada. Even if you do not plan to spend the night, a dinghy or paddle trip through the mangroves to the main lagoon is the highlight at Amortajada and should not be missed.

Sail next to the anchorage of Puerto Balandra, an unpopulated coastal area, where you will be afforded protection from wind and wave exposure. This is a wonderful playground for the snorkeler, hiker, or kayaker. Join other boats in the anchorage to take in a few unforgettable sunsets and spend time relaxing or check out the unique rock formations such as “El Hongo” or the mushroom, which has become the symbol of La Paz.

The exploration possibilities are endless by boat, so make time to provision in the city of La Paz. From there, the adventure is yours to create, and there are so many unforgettable places which you would otherwise never reach by land travel. For more information on charter opportunities in La Paz please contact one of our representatives.