Dream Yacht Charter is the Only Major Charter Company to Become a Preferred Partner of the American Sailing Association

09th Sep 2019
adjusting sails at sunset

Dream Yacht Charter’s new agreement with the American Sailing Association (ASA) is the first time the association has recognized a major charter company as a preferred partner. It means that more people than ever will be able to enjoy vacations on the water.

Founded more than 35 years ago, the ASA has 400 affiliated sailing schools worldwide with a mission to teach people to sail competently and safely through its Learn to Sail program. The schools offer ASA certification and have awarded over 1 million certifications to over 500,000 sailors.

Through the partnership, the ASA’s associated schools and ASA certified members will be able to access exclusive offers through Dream Yacht Charter. There will also be the chance to join a Caribbean flotilla where ASA members can practice their sailing skills while enjoying a sailing vacation.

Lenny Shabes the founder of ASA states “From its inception, ASA was designed to educate and prepare sailors to sail safely and confidently in all conditions. This makes life easier for charter companies because they are assured of qualified sailors taking the helm of their boats. Dream Yacht Charter becoming affiliated with ASA increases the opportunities for ASA members to utilize their sailing education.”

“ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of sailing schools in the world and Dream Yacht Charter is the largest charter company in the world, which makes our affiliation ideal in opening the world of sailing to everyone,” says Loïc Bonnet, founder of Dream Yacht Charter.

He adds: “This affiliation is another step in bringing new sailors into the world of charter vacations and for them to experience new destinations from the unique perspective of a boat under their command.”

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