How to Discover the Balearic Islands on a Yacht

01st May 2017
boats and hidden beach in the Balearic Islands

The Spanish Balearic Islands are famous for being one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Millions flock here every year and it has also become a haven for the rich and famous to set up home.

By going on a sailing adventure around the Balearic Islands you can discover another side to the islands that is just as exciting.


The main island in the Balearics is a wonderful place for getting out on the water. Mallorca has a number of world class ports and a huge variety of attractions for you to discover. For a starting point, the capital city of Palma de Mallorca is hard to beat. This big, friendly city has some bustling yacht harbors in and around it.

The city gets hot and crowded in the height of summer, as massive cruise ships, private yachts and charter flights all converge on it. It has a quieter feel for the rest of the year but always offers plenty to do and see. The rest of Majorca gives you the opportunity to explore world class ports or else get away from the crowds if you want to explore quiet coves and giant, rugged cliffs.


The quieter and more peaceful Minorca is a fine place to see a different side of the Balearic Islands. Even the capital city of Mahon is a gentle and fascinating place that feels very relaxed.

Mahon has the planet’s second deepest natural harbor and is a fantastic place to start your exploration of this largely unspoilt island. From here, sailing up North to Cala Grao is a recommended way of getting start on the adventure. After that, you can explore great spots such as Ciutadalla and Fornells. It is worth bearing in mind that the wind can get strong here during the winter months, although the island tends to get sunshine throughout the year.

Ibiza and the Other Islands

Ibiza has a huge reputation for being one of the planet’s party hotspots. However, there are plenty of other reasons for heading here on a bareboat charter as well. For a start, if you want natural beauty and laid-back sailing rather than a wild party scene you just need to avoid the peak summer season. In fact, even in the height of summer it is easy to find a quiet beach or a pretty village.

This island has great facilities for yachts and usually has terrific weather pretty much all year round. The other islands in this archipelago also offer the chance to get close to nature and have a wonderful time hopping from one place to another.

All in all, the Balearic Islands give you the chance to get one of the most memorable sailing experiences of your life. No matter what you like to do, you are sure to find a way of enjoying it here.