Customer Review: Sailing the Sea of Cortez From Peaceful La Paz

21st Nov 2018

We love hearing about your vacation adventures and Dream Yacht Charter customer, Marc Hughston recently wrote about his trip to La Paz in the Sea of Cortez on board our Lagoon 421 ‘Deep Blue 2’. You can read about his adventure in his blog, The Sea of Cortez but to give you a little taste, we’ve shared some of his excerpts and photography here.

La Paz, meaning ‘peace’ in Spanish is located towards the end of Baja California Sur peninsula in Mexico and is the perfect place for total tranquility. It hosts some stunning sea life and excellent scuba and snorkeling opportunities and, thanks to its fairly quiet location, is an ideal cruising ground to experience on a bareboat yacht charter.

Marc said: “The Sea of Cortez is well known to adventurers, authors, and world cruisers. Scuba pioneer Jacques Cousteau called it “The World’s Aquarium.” John Steinbeck wrote The Log From the Sea of Cortez detailing his travels here, and legendary cruisers Lin and Larry Pardey spent much time here early in their decades-long journey around the globe. Many cruising sailors consider The Sea, as it’s called, their favorite cruising grounds, and a place you simply must visit. And despite all this, it has remained an uncrowded paradise for the sailor. You’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner.

We’ve shared some of Marc’s fantastic photos below, just take a look. Be sure to click the images for a larger view…

Imagine a stunning cruising area with warm water, a good sailing breeze and uncrowded anchorages. Is it the Caribbean? No, it’s the Sea of Cortez.”

“The volcanic origins of the landscape combined with eons of wind and weather make for some amazing vistas. Caleta Candaleros Chico, was one of the most striking anchorages north of Bahia Agua Verde.”

“The marine life is another amazing aspect of the sea. We’ve experienced snorkeling as good as, or better than, any we’ve had in the Caribbean, and we even had a night swim with a school of mobula rays surrounding our boat.”

“The CostaBaja Marina in La Paz is home to our favorite charter company, Dream Yacht Charters. We have gotten to know General Manager Ramon, his wife Tatiana, Ernesto who does the chart briefings and the maintenance staff and cleaning crew. They are a first class team all the way, and we have been very happy!”

“The sunsets are often so amazing, the conversation just stops. And when you wake up to hear the pattering of bare feet on deck and hushed “oohs” and “ahhs,” you know it’s time to grab your camera and get out of bed!”

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