Cuba: A Fun and Friendly Destination

28th Sep 2016
trees blowing in the wind on the beach in cuba

Cuba remains shrouded in a feeling of mystery despite being very much open for business. Travel just South of Florida to the largest island in the Caribbean to see what Americans have been missing for decades. After all, careful investigation is the only way to solve a mystery.

When you arrive in Cuba, you’ll feel surprisingly at home. City walls are still lined with propaganda in some spots, but this serves as nothing more than a reminder of days gone by.

Cuba is absolutely one of the most welcoming places you’ll ever set foot.

The island is teeming with history, and its friendly people are more than willing to tell you about their past. One could even say that the people are just as warm as the weather.

With 16 boats at our base in Cuba, Dream Yacht Charter is prepared to send you on the trip of a lifetime. All you have to do is say, “Vamos!”