New Caledonia coast

Interesting facts about New Caledonia we bet you didn’t know

04th Mar 2020

If you’re always on the lookout for a best-kept-secret tropical vacation destination, you’ll want to read our interesting facts about New Caledonia. While many have heard of the islands of New Caledonia, many more know very little about them – or even where in the world they are. Read on, and you just may find … Continued

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Bora Bora island and boat scenic

Top 10 things to do in Bora Bora

20th Feb 2020

Enchanting Bora Bora, Tahiti, is undoubtedly French Polynesia’s crown jewel, sitting at the top of many travel lists. In addition to her unrivaled natural beauty there is even more to experience on this small island than most people realize. Discover the most magical moments we’ve found with our list of the top 10 things to … Continued

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Best Beaches in Tahiti to Visit

Best Beaches in Tahiti to Visit

06th Aug 2019

Best Beaches in Tahiti to Visit Few things can conjure up a vision of grass-skirted dancers, lush tropical vegetation, vanilla-scented sea breezes and breathtaking stretches of sugar-sand beaches like the word “Tahiti”. If Tahiti is not already on your travel bucket list, it’s high time to add it. Spectacular beaches await with swaying palms, idyllic … Continued

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Five Things You Need to Know for a Sailing Vacation in Whimsical Australia

06th May 2019

There’s no other way to put it: Australia is another planet. A sailing vacation to this Pacific outback will no doubt include exotic native wildlife, burgers made from bizarre (but delicious) meat, and 20,000 year old rock art that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back to a different era. Google founders Larry Page … Continued

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New Caledonia – Sail One of the Most Remote Lagoons in the World

17th Dec 2018

Home to the world’s largest lagoon, New Caledonia is a destination bathed in beauty and intrigue. Discovered by Captain Cook in 1774, this isolated location is mesmerizing with over 14,000 square miles of opulent lagoon to explore. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the amazing experiences you can have on a yacht … Continued

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Join in the Tahiti Pearl Regatta the Most “beautifun” Event in the South Pacific

03rd Dec 2018

One of the most loved locations in the world, Tahiti in the French Polynesia is an ideal destination for those seeking impressive lagoons, green volcanic peaks and vibrant marine life. It’s also home of the annual Tahiti Pearl Regatta (TPR), now in its 15th year, a thrilling race for sailors and novices between the Society … Continued

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bungalows on the water in Tahiti

Two Weeks of Bliss Sailing From Tahiti to Bora Bora

05th Jun 2018

Dream Yacht Charter customer, Daniel McKinnon, recently blogged about his trip in the South Pacific’s French Polynesia, sailing from Tahiti to Bora Bora on board the Curie. You can read about his adventure in his blog, The Voyage of the Curie: Two weeks of fui and bliss in the South Pacific, although we’ve shared some … Continued

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Practicing Yoga Onboard a Bali 4.0 in the Whitsunday Islands

22nd Mar 2018

Ashleigh Bridget, aka The Sailing Yogi, recently sailed Banjo, a Bali 4.0 catamaran, in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia, with our sister company Queensland Yacht Charters. As a devoted yoga teacher, she couldn’t help but try out some extreme yoga moves with a fellow yogi after sailing out to Double Cone Island in the national park. … Continued

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Memorable Tahiti Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

11th Dec 2017

If you fancy getting away somewhere warm for the winter, then the French Polynesia is the perfect choice. While Bora Bora often gets all the limelight for being the epitome of paradise in the Society Islands, there are plenty of others in the chain which are just as worthy of your attention. Each atoll in … Continued

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tahiti boat in the water

Tahiti: 25 Boats, Endless Possibilities

16th Jan 2017

Tahiti is a verdant oasis surrounded by turquoise-blue seas, and populated by people whose friendliness is legendary. It’s the definition of paradise – and we can get you there easily. We offer bareboat, by the cabin, and crewed charters in French Polynesia from our base on Tahiti. This region is comprised of four archipelagos containing 100+ islands – the … Continued

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anapa pearl farm

The Anapa Pearl Farm: Quintessential Tahiti

19th Nov 2016

Anapa pearls are the gold standard of beauty and quality. They’ve graced the designs of Alexander McQueen and others, been on display in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and are featured in some of the world’s premier jewelry. The Anapa Pearl Farm started after its founder sailed through Tahiti and fell in love with the … Continued

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whitsundays land and water

How Long Should I Charter a Yacht in the Whitsundays?

29th Jul 2016

Chartering a yacht is a wonderful experience for any length of time, but the best experience on a chartered yacht happens when you spend at least a week on your vessel. For yacht charters in the Whitsundays, 7 nights is the minimum amount of time you should plan to spend holidaying among these beautiful islands. With … Continued

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