woman on bow of boat

Life aboard a cabin charter sailing adventure

21st May 2022

A by the cabin sailing adventure might just be the most perfect vacation option there is. You and a partner or friend can experience the ultimate in ease and relaxation in some of the world’s most stunning seaside destinations – without the hassles of itinerary planning, meal decisions, and unexpected costs. Just choose your destination … Continued

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must bring items to be packed

What do I pack for a sailing vacation?

17th May 2017

If you’re looking to book a dream sailing vacation, you are probably wondering what to pack.  Yacht charter packing is slightly different from a normal trip. Most of all, you need to consider the limited space on board as you don’t want to be tripping over clothes, shoes and bags.  To help, we’ve put together … Continued

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mantras for travel sanity

5 Mantras for Travel Sanity

03rd Jan 2017

These travel tips and mantras are helpful for planning, enjoying and remembering your dream vacation.  Pay for experiences instead of things. If you’re on our blog, you’re probably already in this mindset. We specialize in amazing experiences on world-class yachts. Period. Some big purchases need to be material goods – that’s just how life works. … Continued

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photos - photo of woman with camera

Snap Your Best Vacation Photos

01st Nov 2016

If you’ve traveled before, chances are you’ve compulsively photographed all the famous sites, perhaps featuring your companions standing in a row. It’s just how you take vacation photos: people, places, and things, right? Right. However, these pictures don’t always capture a true memory, but the memory of lining up and smiling for a second, waiting … Continued

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taking a photo of the sunset

Should You Unplug During Vacation?

26th Oct 2016

Technology offers amazing benefits, but it can distract us from the present. That’s okay, and sometimes even good – but what about when you’re paying top dollar for an unforgettable present? Should we still let technology into our lives when we’re on vacation? Whether you’re camping in your backyard or taking a trip to the … Continued

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lights of the town at night

Five Steps to Great Vacation Videos

14th Aug 2016

If you are of a certain age, you may have been subjected, at one time or another, to a seemingly endless display of family vacation slides. The proud vacationer drones on, narrating carousel after carousel of their memories. Wouldn’t it be great to memorialize your vacation in a format that conveyed the joy of your … Continued

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