The Anapa Pearl Farm: Quintessential Tahiti

19th Nov 2016
anapa pearl farm

Anapa pearls are the gold standard of beauty and quality. They’ve graced the designs of Alexander McQueen and others, been on display in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and are featured in some of the world’s premier jewelry.

The Anapa Pearl Farm started after its founder sailed through Tahiti and fell in love with the black pearls they saw locals fiddling with. They took to the ancient waters of Raiatea to harvest their own horde of shimmering pearls.

Anapa offers the opportunity to join their pearl divers and explore “the rare aquatic reserve and coral garden where the pearl oyster lives in perfect harmony.” Visitors can watch pearl farmers fish, and can even choose their own pearls directly from the oyster.

Jewelers are available to set the pearls on the spot, creating remarkable personalized jewelry, duty-free.

“What a treat,” said Johnny G. from Suffolk Virginia on TripAdvisor. “This place was awesome not to mention the great selection of pearls. The snorkeling was also awesome.”

“It’s like a winery of oysters under water,” said another TripAdvisor user. “This was such an amazing experience seeing the oysters dangling on their lines, and the coral garden there is amazing too!”

This video tour doesn’t come close to the real thing, but it’s beautiful enough to convince anyone to make the trip!