Abaco – A Breath of Fresh Air

22nd Sep 2016
boat docked in abaco

Abaco is special – a place where you can go from joyously greeting locals to sailing past an uninhabited island where Mangrove trees twist a sort of gate around the white sand.

Cruising past such a serene place, you can’t help but feel like you’ve found your own personal paradise. The island has been passed from country to country along with its bigger, more valuable siblings for hundreds of years, and now it seems as if it’s all yours.

Five of Abaco’s cays are inhabited. Elbow Cay is the most well-known, since its famous 130-year-old lighthouse at Hope Town is visible for miles. The historical township at Man-O-War Cay offers marina berths, moorings as well as anchorage sites. Each of the five offers something unique.

Sail south of Abaco to find your own secluded island. Spend the day lounging on the beach or snorkeling the dazzling reefs. Biodiversity is spectacular in the Bahamas, particularly underwater.

No matter where your Bahamian voyage takes you, the Dream Yacht staff are there to make your vacation as perfect as possible. We’re there to make your dream a reality.