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St. Martin

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St. Martin

Located in the Leeward Islands at 18 degrees 3 minutes, north latitude and 63 degrees 4 minutes west longitude, Christopher Columbus sighted St. Martin in 1493 and claimed it for Spain. However, the Dutch first occupied St. Martin in 1631 drawn by the island’s salt deposits. Spain eventually relinquished its claim, and the French and Dutch divided the island among themselves. And so it remains today. The island of Saint Martin is the smallest landmass in the world shared by two independent countries. The northern part is a French overseas collectivity, while the Dutch side is an independent nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and is officially called Saint Martin.

Because of its French and Dutch sides, an interesting duel cultural personality exists on St. Martin where sophistication and a relaxed, easygoing style are woven into the fabric of daily life on the island. The melding of both Caribbean and European food, culture and cuisine comes together like no other place in the island chain. With world class restaurants, casual beach bars, legendary and sometimes infamous beaches, live music and a fascinating colonial history, St. Martin gives you a taste of the delightful charms of this part of the world.

In fact, St. Martin is second only to the British Virgin Islands as our most popular sailing area in the Caribbean. Chartering here allows you to explore some of the beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean, as well as enjoy spectacular diving and snorkeling on some of the most unspoiled reefs in the world.

Because of the prevailing conditions in the area surrounding St. Martin, Dream Yacht Charter requires sailors to have an intermediate or higher level of experience. However, there is just the right mix of island hopping and exciting blue water sailing to keep a smile on everyone’s face.