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Imagine a country where you can instantly plug into the buzz of modern commerce and culture, walk amid some of the world’s tallest buildings, shop for the newest sophisticated fashions and electronic gadgets, or groove to the latest music and food at trendy night clubs and restaurants.

Now imagine a country where you can disconnect completely, travel at a pace set by the earth itself, and explore untouched beaches, rainforests and jungles so ancient and exotic that they are home to plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Malaysia is that country.

Located in Southeast Asia just north of the Equator, Malaysia is distinctive not only for its multi-cultural mix of people — Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and indigenous tribes — but also for its unique geography as well. The country is split into two halves separated by the South China Sea. Malaysia occupies the southern half of the Malay Peninsula, and is bordered in the north by Thailand, and in the south by Singapore. East Malaysia occupies the northeastern part of the island of Borneo, and consists of the states of Sarawak and Sabah.

From its earliest days, Malaysia was an important destination for traders plying the China Sea. In about 1400 under protection from China, a Sumatran prince established a city-state kingdom called Malacca. Traders introduced the Islamic religion, which spread throughout the country. Seeking to control the worldwide spice trade, Portuguese warships captured Malacca in 1511, which ushered in a long colonial period. The Dutch captured the city in 1641, ruling it for the next 150 years. Great Britain established a foothold on Penang Island in 1786, using it as a base from which to protect shipping lanes between China and India. British influence continued to grow until it assumed total control of Malaysia in the early 1900s. The modern country of Malaysia was established in 1957.

Dream Yacht Charter operates two bases in Malaysia, both of which offer sailors an ideal jumping off point from which to explore the country’s exotic treasurers, legends and astonishing natural wonders both above and below the sea.